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Hi there! I've recently bought MeshEdit and I'm having some trouble with the snap feature. Pressing CTRL or SHIFT/CTRL while editing the mesh seems to snap it to very arbitrary numbers, that don't seem to have any relation at all to the units in Unity. Snaping does not snap to the semi-transparent grid visible at the scene. Is there any way to fix the snap a grid of positions correspondent to integer units of space?

Thanks ;)


Thanks for the feedback! The snapping when you're transforming parts of the mesh is a multiple of one unit, it snaps more or less depending on how zoomed in you are to the mesh, if that helps.
Since you're having trouble I'll take a look at it for the next update and see if I can make some improvements.
Thanks for using the tool!


Yup, making it constant regardless of the zoom would be super helpful! :)