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DAMN!!! Played this game for the last 7 days at 18 hours/day because I'm disabled. You pulled me in to all your characters stories and I care about what happens to them all! I"m hoping that you eventually fix it so that all of the Manor women become his true harem and with full commitment ceremonies and up to 2people sleeping with the MC at a time! He must be a half-unicorn mythic to be able to charm the ladies like that. EXCELLENT WORK and I'm emotionally invested in them all like a good soap opera! "BRAVO MAESTRO BRAVO!!!" :)

How do you know he could be a unicorn mythic??


Wild guess. Chicks dig Unicorns no matter what age they are, while Fauns & Satyrs usually have to get females drunk before they can "hook-up"! No contest ;)