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So are you not claiming to be superior then? Seems that you look down on religion, fine you are Free to do that. same as the people are free to include religion in there games, there lives and wherever else they want it. I'm sure there are games out there for people who fantasise about fem boys, but it is ridiculous, childish and rude, it would be like me demanding every game be about celtic mythology, and only include curvy redheads. Dude take a chill pill I haven't seen him challenge your sexuality once whilst you have degraded his a couple Of times. Seems to me like your the aggressor here. just realise it's possible that people,Don t like you for you. It might not have anything to do with your sexuality and just be because you are an awful Human being. Personally I'm inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt, I'm guessing english isn't your first language. But please chill  no one is on here for a fight 

This is one hell of a game mate, wish AAA games grabbed me this much. Well done, keep up with good work

Top work man, really engaging story and the girls are beautiful. Can't wait for the next episode. 

Arrogant dick