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Hey! this is without a doubt very useful and you seem to be still active! Nice. Do you have an ETA on when or how we can save these files? Also, a suggestion, could you also add elevation to the mix. Stairs up and down, terraces, etc. This would add another layer of depth into it. Gardens and parks and various small landmarks. I want to use this generator as a reference for building large scale fantasy cities in Minecraft and various other building games like Dragon Quest Builders. The terrain and layout really elevate a town/city to new heights. Instead of side by side in plots, winding alleys and looping streets, uphill fancy districts, slums, docks, etc. Really bring a city to life yet most people don't know how to plan it all out. If this project of yours reaches that level, no doubt DND map makers, game builders, writers, and various other people from different corners of the internet will flock to this generator.

Good luck, I'll be checking in once every few months. Hope you make progress!


I'm sorry to tell you this, but while I'm still active, this project is not :) It was created for a jam as a proof of concept. I have updated it a couple of times, but 3D is not really my thing. I was going to make a new 3D visualizer, because this one falls too far behind MFCG, and to add some improvements, but I doubt it will as beautiful as you described.