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I have some good things what can make the game better:

Ork,Fairy,Giant,Undead clans

Make that we can capture all bases 

Auto save what+when we die we can chose from all autosaved or amnual saved saves (its not drop player into the main menu)

You can make baby dragons with Farm girl (farm girl do not die pls)

(Lay eggs and you inqubate tham)

+Custom servant : you can chose 

Gender,Clan (from what clan is it from),+tits, but......


Lemme answer some of these suggestions with things that are already explained or shown in-game:

-Undead clans: That could be the Children of the Last Gasp (or whatever they call themselves);

-Farm girl laying and/or incubating: I don't know if it's really gonna happen. In-game there's an explanation that only the royal line (aka Princess Adeline) can give birth to true dragons, so probably not happening unless it's half-dragons (or whatever comes out of non-royals) that you want;

-Autosave and whatnot: I mean, you can always save before choosing an option if you think it might kill you. By the way, how is going back to the menu after a death an issue?