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Happy New Year 4MinuteWarning and everyone!

Thx my friend

Thx my friend

when the time is up you duied or end of chapter 

Update when comes out?

Thx for update


I guess in itch app had an update and in update maked a bug 

Or just add some links compatible with new update

He want to open it in app like a browse games

Thanks mate


Any news from update?

When update coming?

I have some good things what can make the game better:

Ork,Fairy,Giant,Undead clans

Make that we can capture all bases 

Auto save what+when we die we can chose from all autosaved or amnual saved saves (its not drop player into the main menu)

You can make baby dragons with Farm girl (farm girl do not die pls)

(Lay eggs and you inqubate tham)

+Custom servant : you can chose 

Gender,Clan (from what clan is it from),+tits, but......


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Good update, chapter 4 when comes out?

Months or weeks or days

Lets see what do we have here :3

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Chapter 4 when i s coming out my friend?

+Can yo make that, when you didnt ate the girl you can make slave from her

When chapter 4 comes out?

Can you make checkpoints in the future because when you die and you didn t saved than you need start from beggining, and please make cheat (change stats)  in the future these things can make the game better

Say that, in chapter 4 the wolf tribe is not died in defend....

And you know when comes out chapter 4?

Best game ever mate @-@