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I seem to have the same problem as another user in that the game just gives me a black screen upon startup.  I clicked the screen as you instructed the other user, but the only thing that changed was that a grey arrow appeared, bobbing up and down. Clicking or pressing any buttons doesn't  make anything else happen.

I downloaded the free windows version. 

Update: I managed to get it going  by finiking with the saving and loading system via the right-click menu, but the opening cutscene froze on me about a minute in.

I'll do some testing now. I'm very sorry for the incovenience. I'll keep you updated.

Ok, it seems that there was a problem when downloading the game from the engine. I asked the engine owner to take a look and I'm waiting for her reply. I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed. Sorry again.

Do not be sorry! Thank you for looking into it for me. From what I saw of the intro, it looks beautiful. I look forward to playing it ^^

Thank you <3 The free version has been fixed. Please let me know if it's working. 

It's working perfectly. Thank you for your hard work :>

You're welcome >w<