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hey!! this game is very cute and had me playing it for a very long time, i like it a lot! however, one thing: the lift just stopped working after a while, i couldn't pull the cord. It made it very hard to play when you have a lot of moths that need feeding. i managed to get the lamp anyway, which i assume is the last unlockable item, so i think i finished it and i really enjoyed it!

hello!! thank you for working so hard on this. i just want to report that it seems some mic issues were not fixed as the mic suddenly will not pick up on anything at all and now the software is basically unusable for me. restarting or reinstalling does not work. it's a very nice software, i was just hoping to let you know so that this might be fixed at some point. thank you!

Hey Dino!

Don't bother if you're busy, but I was wondering where I could listen to or download both the music that plays just before the gate closes on Draco, that starts just after he pushes you into the right room, and the one that plays when you're investigating the first section Winston's lab in ch. 3. They've been stuck in my head lately-

Requests aside, amazing job. You've got me wanting more and theorizing almost on the daily. You're truly a master of your craft. Wonderful game >:D

It's working perfectly. Thank you for your hard work :>

Do not be sorry! Thank you for looking into it for me. From what I saw of the intro, it looks beautiful. I look forward to playing it ^^

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I seem to have the same problem as another user in that the game just gives me a black screen upon startup.  I clicked the screen as you instructed the other user, but the only thing that changed was that a grey arrow appeared, bobbing up and down. Clicking or pressing any buttons doesn't  make anything else happen.

I downloaded the free windows version. 

Update: I managed to get it going  by finiking with the saving and loading system via the right-click menu, but the opening cutscene froze on me about a minute in.