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Oh, you just have to click on the screen once (anywhere on the black part). Please tell me if it's still not loading after you click.

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When I was pressing random keys I also tried clicking with the mouse (inside the window). It did nothing. Pressing the right mouse button brings up a menu (Mute, Skip, Auto-Play, etc). I pressed restart, enlarged the window, hiding/un-hiding interface and, finally,  I tried saving and loading. The latter seemed to have done something as music kicked as soon as it loaded and the regular interface showed up. Though the first time I did this I still couldn't do anything. I tried a second time and the game finally started to work...? Kind of?

Needless to say I don't think this is how the game is supposed to start... ^^; 
If you need any more information just ask! :)


Thank you very much for reporting. I'll try to do some testing now. I'll keep you updated.


Ok, it seems that there was a problem when downloading the game from the engine. I asked the engine owner to take a look and I'm waiting for her reply. I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed. Sorry again.

The free version has been fixed. Please let me know if it's working. 

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It seems to be working as intended now. Thank you for your swift response and efforts! :)

I'm glad to hear it :) I'll work on the premium version now. I hope you'll enjoy it.