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Hi everyone !

7th day devlog

Nothing to show you from yesterday, I'm sorry. I did a couple of new items and decors, but I'm not going to show you all of the items you need to have to finish the game :)

I've also added a saving state from one scene to another : if you moved the painting, for exemple, and you come back into the same room later, the painting will be at the same state you left it. That's a huge progress for the game.

Next steps

I have one week to finish, and I need to do at least 3 scenes, maybe 4. I would like to start the game with a cinematic, no idea if I will have time to do it. And I still need to start the "interrogate" part. It's going to be fine :) Today, I will draw a new scene again and start to test the game, solving my own puzzles (I think I can solve them ;) ).

Don't hesitate to give me feedbacks, it would be greatly appreciated :)