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love the game but where does the half empty pizza go?


As far as I remember, in the fridge! After all, there's still good pizza in there, can't let it go to waste.

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but i did that and it didnt work? neither did the oven. also where do the left over chinese food goes too, and the pizza slices. plus isnt there not enough room for the tissues to go in the trash when all the other stuff is there?


It's been years, but if the pizza box is half empty (and not fully empty) it should go in the fridge... so do pizza slices and leftover chinese.
That being said, if you finished the game once, maybe you noticed there's a secret trash can hidden somewhere! As far as I remember, the trash is always considered as the right place, it's a wild card spot

Dev, not to offend but when we put the half-empty pizza box in the fridge, the mom call us out. She doesn't when we put it in the trash.
Plus the fridge has exactly 3 spaces which are for the loose 3 slices

theres a hidden trash can?!