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What a picky mom, here's an idea, let's put everything by the door so she doesn't even come in or trip down while trying to.

Well, the apartment is clean, mom. what are you talking about.

I didn't just enjoyed it, i loved everything in this game, art style included, which is usually something i don't care at al

Dev, not to offend but when we put the half-empty pizza box in the fridge, the mom call us out. She doesn't when we put it in the trash.
Plus the fridge has exactly 3 spaces which are for the loose 3 slices

Oh wow i see, it's because the actual place to walk off is a bit below than what i was expecting.

Finally got an A+, thank you

Dev, i can see there's a trash can outside of the apartment, i assume that's probably the "hidden" trashcan.

But how the hell do i access it

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No, thank you for understanding my comment and accepting feedback.

Already downloaded the new version, will give it a try as soon as i get some free time.

As for the resolution, it seems there's a weird bug where it forces a resolution that is not the usual one i have on my desktop. If it try to change it resets back again.

Also either i did not pay enough attention or the game went too fast with the tutorial because i don't remember doing one.

Haven't found it myself, but when the newspaper boy come in, give him the purse and he will give you one. Read the newspaper, somewhere there there's a number to call for guns. I couldn't make it as i can barely control anything in the game.

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Game seems interesting but sorry i couldn't not play as the controls are horrible. You could've made simple arrows to back down or to move. The way classic point and click games always did. 

Having to "swipe" everything like i'm on a ipad is agonizing. Not to mention once i got into the phone screen, i got stuck, no way to move out.

Another problem i had was with resolution. Game was forcing a resolution that was not mine and i was not able to change it into one that was.

Also please make the game English as default. Considering there's a message about telemetry at start, as much as i find italian beautiful, i cannot understand it.

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Thank you so much. Your game is great, if there are more like yours that you can recommend, i'd be thankful to hear.

Also, if you don't mind, can you just confirm if there's something we can do in that room behind the balcony? I mean, okay i know how to reach there without breaking any keys. The thing is: Once i get there, it's nothing. i was hoping for another closure.

Thank you for this great game. I was having an insomnia last night and nothing worked. Turns out i only needed a simple puzzle game.

As a thanks, I've created a rough (but organized) map on google spreadsheets, hope it helps other people still stuck: