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Thanks for the suggestion, although i never  had this issue.

Are you sure you REALLY looked EVERYWHERE in the internet, tho?
Like  specially, literally here where we are,  in this very own website? 

There is. Remove the #If Win Active  line completely. But this will make the keys be forever switched until you close the script on the H icon near your  clock.

Either it's a conflict or  the script didn't activate at all.
WASD is already bound to the game originally so of course they will still work.

Please do so. But i suggest making another thread  separately. You can link it here after you're done and i can also add it to the main post

That's because it's  not supposed to be a text file, but an AHK script.
You didn't follow the exact  instructions and ended up saving it as a .txt  instead.

You can either remake it or replace the extension of the file.
If all you see is the name but no ".txt" then enable "known file extensions"

Then erase the ".txt" and put ".ahk".

You might get a warning that "changing extension might make the file not work anymore bla bla bla" yeah just ignore it

Welcome lad

I can almost hear him going "grrrawwrr im gonna eat ur gf" in a tiny voice and nobody taking him seriousl

Sure,  feel  free to it! There's already a spanish video tutorial in the main thread too.  I recommend checking that one so you don't miss anything.

Im glad it helped you out.  Have fun with the game


Ah. I can't confirm but i've heard people say that xdotool is  a safe equivalent of autohotkey in linux, although the commands are completely different.

Sadly i do not have a Linux i can test with, so i can't provide you further info. But do please tell me how it  works out for you.

Check this thread over here.  That's all i know  about it but i can't assist you much as i do not have any system running OSX thus i cannot test it out

of course it does, you just need to setup to whatever you prefer.
Please read the guide FULLY where i explain how to customize.

Right click the file and the option should appear  in the menu, even if you're running on a low-level account.
If you can't  find that then i don't know how to help you.


That would be incorrect. The point of  my guide is to change  the keys you use while playing the game. Editting the game notes  would not achieve that  goal.

Please check my  reply to the Q-mii person up there.

Happens to all of us,  glad  you got it  working.

I  have zero experience  in any of these  tools, i cannot assist you guys much past this.
But i'm glad it worked for you.

Not with the #IfWinActive, i'm afraid.

Well, in the guide  i try to warn people to save already as  .ahk and not try to rename  afterwards exactly to avoid that issue.

Reason being that Windows users, by default, dont have "known file name extensions" enabled  so they can't just rename extensions easily.

So either remake the proccess making sure to save it as .ahk from the beginning

Or enable file extensions, as i've replied to you in another comment up there:

Yes it does that, which i also mentioned in the guide i think.

Just wanted to add a quote, though.
My guide says:
#IfWinActive Friday Night Funkin

While your comment says:
#IfWinActive FridayNightFunkin

To use IfWinActive, you need to be sure to input the exact name of the window of the game, SPACES INCLUDED.
Maybe somehow you ate the spaces accidentally and that's what caused the issue for you.

Thank you for your input. Yeah I actually knew about Single Instance but completely forgot about it while making this.  Thanks.

I see, to be honest  with you i didn't even think the engine would run natively on mac, so i didn't even bother to add an option.

I did some research, there might be some alternatives, but nothing as powerful as Autohotkey with extensive script logic but enough to "replace" keys.

First of all, consider using the native option, which i'm completely  unsure if it exists in your OS:
Go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts. You'll see a list of the left side of the preference panel with a number of categories (Spotlight, etc.). The last item, "App Shortcuts", is where you can set your own shortcuts for all applications or specific applications.

If  that didn't do the trick for any reason, then try Karabiner:

There's also another one called "BetterTouchTool" which is for sure to work in Big Sur systems for what i've seen.
Unfortunately, it's paid.  Y'know how stuff in the Mac is, right?

Please tell me back how any of these worked out for ya. If we get a solid solution i might also add it to the main guide.

I know this may sound stupid but just to be thorough: Are you sure you're reopening the script as admin with the game already open?  (The game doesn't need to be admin, the script does)

Also, if the  script is on, it should show a green box with a white "H" near your windows clock.
If it's not there, it's not being activated at all.
If it's there but not working, mouse  over the icon and it  should show you if it has encountered an error

What you mean you can't? The .txt extension won't show up in the name of the file?

If yes, Enable extension names for known file types:

Well... considering the multiplayer  mod probably uses different keys, while in the same computer, yes, you can change  them too with this.

Like i said, as long as the original keys and  the substitution keys don't "conflict" with each other, it will always works to whatever you want.

I think the reason you're getting confused is because "WASD" is also used by the game natively. Hence why my example was with HJKL.

Alas, if you want to deactivate the script, just right click the green square with a H near your computer clock and press Exit. It's that simple. And i believe i explained this in the long post too.

I'm extremely confused about what you asked. Can you please explain better and also show your version of the script?

The video is perfect, i don't have anything else i could add to it besides some timeline markings to make it more accessible.

I've commented in there with my best spanish, hope you can understand me.

Thanks for the video i'm adding it to the main thread.

When you publish your video, send me the link here so i can feature it on the original post as well

Yes It's fine, just please do the same, show the original thread in the video and put the link to it in the description.

Game was so fun, i was having a blast but then we get to the damn baloon stage and dying in there means getting sent alll the way back to the beginning, it's way too annoying and i had to quit.

Please consider adding at least one checkpoint somewhere.

Again, bro. Read the guide.

Cause the code for Page Up is "PgUp".
Please make sure you read the guide in its entirety, i explained how to get custom keys to work.

It was a cute and fun game, my wife was watching me play and she started going angry with the girl for literally almost killing herself over her obsession and i was laughing the whole time.

Thanks for the 1 hour of fun time, mate. Hope to see more games from you.

But im asking about the .exe download.  Not the in-browser game.
Care to show a screenshot of the error? I'm trying to see your issue but what you telling is not exactly clear enough

Hey, game is great.
Just wanted to tell you: You accidentally bundled, together with the game, a shortcut to Visual Studio 2019.

Yeah it's just a shortcut but it's better to remove so you dont confuse some people.

Does the download error appear when trying to download the game from this website or AFTER you download and try to open the .exe?
Sorry I kinda need clarity on this.

But sounds like you have a firewall or proxy blocking the access to something.
If you're aware of something customized you have in your connection, like a proxy or a firewall, try disabling it first.