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Man, all your games are fun as hell but this one was my favorite.
My second favorite is Exorcist Girl.

Hope to see more content from you in the future. You're a cool game dev, I'd invite you to eat a plate of fried chicken and beer if I could.

I've noticed the game lacks music and wanted to suggest something cool.
There's a music creator in california that produces a lot of songs INCLUDING detective/investigation like music.

And as far as i've seen, it's free to use if your project is not commercial. If you want to commercialize it in the future, you can just give them a donation. The value is also up to you.

Here's his rules:

Examples of his work:

That error is related to one of the mods you installed.
Try reinstalling the mod correctly and make sure a file with "lime" in its name is properly transfered to the correct folder.

it's not related to my autohotkey script. If you want to be sure, redownload the official game in another folder and apply my script to it without installing any mods. You won't see this error.

Lol relax, mate. You're welcome.

If you're wondering why you got a sudden influx, it's because Markiplier played your game and well worth it. Stuff looks amazing, my man. Would play myself if i wasn't in the outskirts with just an old lapto

Then show me your script, my man. I just told you Numpad does work (i even use it on my own) you're the one who came with that claim. 

So show what you got if you want someone to figure it out for you.

Numpad does work. you need to use capital N

Okay this was late, life got in the way. But i researched it for you.

Listen, there are ways to do this with Autohotkey but the script would become unnecessarily complicated even for you to maintenance if you want to change keys later.

So alternatively, i suggest you to drop autohotkey altogether and trying this software. It was created for people to operate the cursor when their mouse breaks or run out o battery but I think it also works for what you need. Remember to also run as administrator because any software that controls a device will usually need that permission.

Oh hey Beth nice to meet you and welcome. Garcello is one of the  most popular ones

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I think i can whip up something for you regarding this, but i want to test it first because I never did something like that before. give me a day or two, i'll come back to you.

May you tell me what the game is so i can test in your designated environment?

Same way as others. If you're having issues please tell me specifically what it is.

Not sure what you mean, mate. Care to elaborate better?

It does, but it might need some tinkering. Tell me your problem too, I can't work with just "none of it worked".

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"Credits" and "Controls" in the main menu seem to not be working for me, but i loved the experience. Although i have to admit i didn't have the patience. When i almost done with a section the game throws me an old man to do a section that was already near impossible with faster characters.

So when i got to 6 people left i gave up and let them all die, expecting a game over screen and i didn't even get that lmao.

If that was your objective, then nice job, but yeah, as much as i love stealth games, the reason i do is because i can infinitely retry them

Aw, so there's no way to avoid the dark monster once you get near it first? It will just randomly wake up and chase you no matter what?

What about the creepy threes and weird small buildings?

I'm not trying to be a critic, i'm just trying to understand the game better.

You can just completely remove the "Frets on Fire Style" section of my script. It was just a secondary example, you don't NEED to have it, just the ones you use.

But if you ARE using it then i believe you need to find other ways to close the game.
Remember that any normal game has options to close within a menu or something. if the mod you're playing doesn't, that's already at the dev's fault. So try Alt+Tab, or Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice and then shut down the process.

Okay that was a bit confusing but i'm pretty sure you don't need AHK at all to use a controller or a guitar, or whatever device that windows installs as a sort of gamepad. You just need JoyToKey.

Map it to the arrow keys and you're set. No need to double layer the whole thing without a necessity.

Some antivirus act silently on some of the stuff like this. A lot of people in this very thread faced the same issue. 

There's no other plausible reason a file would be randomly deleting itself, mate. So yes, while it may not happened before with YOU, it happened a lot with a lot of people, including myself.

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Cara, o pessoal da administração desse portal é Mão amarrada do caramba, você não faz ideia, Até sistema de DM não tem. O lance do Real já teve varias threads pedindo e eles simplesmente "uuuhh mto complicado de fazer, nao queremos"

Ai pedem uma thread pra fazer sistema de DMs, e os cara "uuhhh é risco demais as pessoas usarem pra fazer bullying com os outros pipipi popopo" porra deleta logo o site inteiro então HAUHAUHAUHA. SIM, NEM DM TEM NESSA COISA

Você tem Steam? Me adiciona lá e me comprova que você é o Dev mesmo do game (sei la, tipo algum print que mostre acesso a algo que so voce tem) que ai conversarmos por lá, e sim, posso te pagar no pix. Só temos que negociar os valores certinho e tudo mais.

Desculpa a dor de cabeça que posso estar dando mas é que seus joguinhos é realmente o tipo de coisa que me agrada. Também trabalho com desenvolvimento WEB, então se precisar de ajuda com seu site, podemos conversar também.

First, double check if you actually saved the script as .ahk, a good tip is that the icon should be a paper sheet with a big purple "H" in it. 

If you're sure then your windows user probably doesn't have admin priviledges, the person who setup Windows on your computer made it like that.

Try just running the script normally. if it doesn't work then you'll need to ask the owner of the computer to change your account to admin.
If you can't / don't want to ask that kind of thing i believe you'll have to wait for official support of keybinding change

Sorry to hear that, you might want to wait until keys setup is part of the main game.

There are ways to dodge that issue but to make things simpler to you, put the "SetTitleMatchMode" as 2 and then only write part of the title, you can stop at any character.

When that option is on 2, it will look for any window that starts with the string of text you put there, even if it has more characters after it.

If you can't figure it out by yourself, show me your script as well as the complete perfect accurate title of the window of the mod you're playing.

Same thing, but you'll have to add more lines instead of just up down left right

Can you show me your entire script? Maybe it's something else.
Do the other keys (not Numpad) work fine?

Ah, for that you can ditch autohotkey altogether and use a free software called JoytoKey:

It has a nice interface and you can just setup the keys in there. It's very intuitive to use but if you have some difficulties, there are tons of JoyToKey tutorials on youtube.

The script is correct. Tell me how exactly "it's not working" so maybe we can figure it out. Did you follow all the steps? Made sure it's running as admin?
Did something unexpected happened, like the file deleting itself? If yes, that's your antivirus thinking autohotkey is a virus

He's not infected with an ything, mate. Some antivirus will believe AHK is a virus because it injects values into another software.

Either remove avast or search online how to add autohotkey to avast whitelist.

Sorry mate i have yet to evolve my stand powers into clairvoyance. You'll need to do like with normal people and send me the script you're using or on what step you're stuck. 

Because you need to close the previous one first, mate. There will be a "H" icon near your computer clock. Right click that and press Terminate script

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Your antivirus. I know it's not on the faq but i explained a lot to other people already so i won't repeat it here.
But basically you have an antivirus that thinks that every software that "hooks" to other software is a virus.

You can either uninstall your antivirus and replace to a better one (i recommend Kaspersky cloud anyway)
Or you can search online how to add Autohotkey to the "whitelist" of your antivirus.

Welcome, mate

I mean right clicking the script and picking "Run as Admin". 

Your antivirus is falsely flagging it as a virus because it injects commands into another software, which is common behavior of viruses.
Either replace your antivirus or google how to "Whitelist" Autohotkey inside your antivirus.

Hey, Sorry for late reply, i was in vacation trip for the whole July. 
Show me your script and i'll try to help you out

Meu nobre, vi seu jogo no canal do ManlyBadassHero

Queria saber se tem alguma forma de eu poder comprar seus jogos em R$, aqui no eles nao aceitam e nao querem aceitar de jeito nenhum. ( Muita gente ja pediu )

Pode me responder aqui ou mandar uma DM. Grande abraco!

Thank you for your kindness, but don't force yourself to if you prefer to sell them, once you believe the quality is up to it.
Feel free to DM me if you need playtesters tho, i'd do it for free, full feedback included. (on my spare time of course)

Haha it's alright. But like i said to another guy in the comments: Whenever a file gets instantly removed from your PC right infront of your eyes, it's either because of an antivirus or a virus. Or manual removal through invasion.

The BIG majority common cause is bad anti-virus that false flag anything that does some of the behaviors a virus do (like injecting data into another software in this case).

If you don't want to remove your antivirus, google up, along with its name, how to add programs to its "whitelist".
Then when you figure it out, add the Autohotkey executable, not the script, but the autohotkey exec, located in the folder where it's installed.

It shouldn't. What exactly closes mid game, the script or the game itself?
If it's the game, then it's unrelated to my script.
If autohotkey suddenly stops mid-game then it's your antivirus falsely flagging it as a virus because of its behaviour of "injecting commands" into another software.

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Alright, but regardless, does it still work?
If it doesn't, check section 7 of the FAQ again.
Reason is, if you don't have extensions enabled, by renaming "fnfcustom.ahk" just makes the ".ahk" be PART of the NAME. so it doesn't do jack.

A good way to be sure you have extensions enabled is if other files in your computer have extenstions, like .txt for notepad files, .doc / .docx for Office files, .exe for game executable files and so on.

If you do have it working normally, then take a screenshot of what you're seeing in the file, save it somewhere in MS Paint or something and upload it here. Or send to imgur and give me the link. If you also don't happen to know how to screenshot, google it, it's incredibly simple, basically you press a key and then paste in MS Paint and then save.

Oh i see, i had no idea it costed that much, never published a game myself in there. Yeah that's completely understandable.
Thank you for the news and and thanks for replying. i'll follow you and wait the chance to try the game.

Thank you so much, and no need to apologize.