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Thanks! You see, it would be so much better if everyone was like you, saw a problem and explained how to fix it.
But no, people prefer to just downvote and move on.

... This version has no sound. Geez, you guys take forever to update only to do it without proper testing.

Thanks bro i'll give it another chance next weekend :) I love observation type games. I was just confused about this one because of the gurney going sassy on me haha

Am i supposed to keep walking? I want to understand the game first before I can really say if it's my cup of tea or not haha

Sadly, I don't understand. I thought this was gonna have a similar gameplay than the "Exit 8" game, but the fucking phantom gurney keeps pushing me ahead, I can barely actually look at my surroundings and see what I can do differently, the fucking thing teleports to me once i slightly put my back against it. It feels weird and unfinished, I don't know.

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You are forced to add milk to the tea and people here are asking where the horror of this game is.
10/10 got me spooked.

Oh and nice Psychonauts 1 reference.

Okay so, i see a lot of youtubers playing a supposedly nightmare / hard mode yet i can't find how to unlock it and the bozos don't explain it either.
Can someone please tell me

This was a 3 years ago comment but I'm still so happy you replied me. Thank you mate.

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I understand you wanting to charge money for your game, but can you please put on other platforms like Steam? Reason is that doesn't accept my country's money.
And yes, I'm aware they won't budge when asked to give other currencies options. They only care about dollars and will stay that way, it's a great platform to advertise indie games but a horrible one to sell. Lack of broad vision and all that.

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Thanks both of you. Sorry I won't go out of my way to recompile a game because of that, but I appreciate the help. Surprised I got -2 just for asking a feature, tho. 

The tracing border around everything makes this more like classic DS style than N64 style. It still won't feel like N64 but at least it would look better.
If there isn't, please consider implementing it.

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Also i just noticed now. I have a 16:10 monitor (1440x900) and the edges of the game seem cut off, which tells me the internal resolution is way bigger than my screen.

Is there any config file or something I can go to fix that?

Even on the browser, the same issue happens.

I loved the game. But little of a heads up, the download files come with a local shortcut that won't work for other people.

To be fair I'm not a good source, I liked most of them.

Somehow I missed this game. How. 
Another nice jewel from Zed
Thank you for the game

Good to know, I made one mostly for myself, so I don't really care.

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Man be popping these non-stop. Can't wait to see you doing big bucks on steam, my friend.

Don't worry about me this time, I'll just watch ManlyBadassHero play this one. Thanks for all the fun

I made a playlist with all Manly's gameplay of your games, by order of release. In case someone out there needs it:

Na fase do Chilly Fox, na caverna logo depois do mini boss pássaro gigante, tem um lugar que dá pra pegar botas

Got bored at the spike minigame.
Loved project kat but this one feels a worse version of it in general.

Thank you for replying, Zed. I love your games but my country is currently on economic recession hell. Wouldn't even have all this argument if I had a simple solution.

Well, I don't use twitter, I apologize. You can find me on Steam, do you mind?
Otherwise tell me an email address and I'll email you a printscreen of my profile so you know that guy is me. 

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Now the community will be divided by the ones that go "LMAO IT'S JUST $1 YOU CHEAPSKATE BLA BLA BLA *CHOKES ON MCDONALDS AND IGNORANCE*" 

And the ones that would love to pay $1, $10 heck even $30 for your games, but we CAN'T HERE, because sucks at paying with anything but dollars. At lot of us around the world don't have access to pay through dollars.

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But may I ask you to release your game on Steam?
This website doesn't let me buy with my country's currency and I got no other way to buy with dollars.
(People have tried discussing with itchio administration and they don't want to bother with the conversion)

É o estilo do Zed. Todos os jogos dele tem personagens assim.

I'm so happy to see your project moving on again. I've been in anticipation for YEARS now.

I love the picklock mechanic, it was pain but it was fun, hope it comes back one day, but if possible, with a better chance of us retrying it. 

Nevertheless, good luck and don't worry, you guys will do fine!

So this means Spiral Clicker 1 is done?
I was waiting for it to be fully done because I kept losing my progress with every update.

Would appreciate some confirmation on this

No biggie my friend! I was actually waiting for it to get patched so I could play the game without any seemingly issues. 

Programming is impossible to have something 100% bug free. Only soulless people think it is. There's always a way to break something.

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Hey Zed-senpai. I seem to have run into a bug. When I get into the settings screen,  the "Back" button doesn't do anything.

Even when I change things around and even when I restart the game and dont touch anything, it doesn't do jack. Not even Esc works. 

Plus since you have a bounding box into the game, I cant even close it down, i have to press the Windows Key to unfocus the screen and then click the X

And before you ask, the version I downloaded was from roughly one hour ago from this comment so you can see it's already the one you updated from the comment below.

YES A new one. Will try it soon. Thanks for the new game, Zed the legend

Yeah being honestly, it didn't feel as good as the other ones, but don't let that make you feel you're "losing the touch" or whatever. You're just human and not every single thing you release needs to be a masterpiece. It just needs to be consistent with the rest, and this one definitely is.

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Finally took my time to play this one. Shadowcatcher remains as the most difficult one. Does Agatha even have a way to kill you? Or is she just there to blow the lights so you can't be sure when to hide from the dad?

Nevertheless, had some fun with this one. Now I realize why the playable character is a cockroach. You need four arms otherwise gameplay gets a little tedious of running back and forth with the boxes :)

AAAAA Nice to see new stuff from you, thank you so much, my weekend will be great now.

I love all of your games with a passion.

Guess this is why they are so different. You're a crafter, mate.
Hope to see much more from you. Have an excellent weekend.

My man Zed, I'm a fan of horror games for about 17 years of my life and your style of horror has become my favorite one. It should definitely become a sub genre like Puppet Combo games did.

The fact that these are just characters with nothing exceptional about them besides their appearances trying to live their regular lives but supernatural shit gets in the way is exactly what I've been looking for years.

Your games don't try to be over the top like about 90% of the horror games out there. Your premise is simple, presented in a simple manner, with simple characters and just deep enough personalities so they don't feel like complete NPCs is a recipe that works better than most may think. It keeps me engaged exactly because of that!

I'll always follow and play all of your games but can you please tell me which ones have you inspired upon on making these? Or at least tell me other games that follow similar narrative as yours? I'm a huge horror game buff and I crave for more in the same vein as your games.

Thank you from the bottom of my millennial heart and cheers from Brazil! 🇧🇷


I'd love to finish play the game but I can't understand how to make dinner.
I can only pick one carrot from the farm. I have the bowl and the knife. I've managed to cut the carrot by spamming their numbers in the bar but what now. Can't figure how to put the carrots in the bowl and the bowl doesn't seem to interact with the water pond and also I have no idea where I'll cook the carrot soup. In the fireplace??

Basically I'm stuck before any of the creepyness happens. :(

Man, all your games are fun as hell but this one was my favorite.
My second favorite is Exorcist Girl.

Hope to see more content from you in the future. You're a cool game dev, I'd invite you to eat a plate of fried chicken and beer if I could.

I've noticed the game lacks music and wanted to suggest something cool.
There's a music creator in california that produces a lot of songs INCLUDING detective/investigation like music.

And as far as i've seen, it's free to use if your project is not commercial. If you want to commercialize it in the future, you can just give them a donation. The value is also up to you.

Here's his rules:

Examples of his work:

That error is related to one of the mods you installed.
Try reinstalling the mod correctly and make sure a file with "lime" in its name is properly transfered to the correct folder.

it's not related to my autohotkey script. If you want to be sure, redownload the official game in another folder and apply my script to it without installing any mods. You won't see this error.

Lol relax, mate. You're welcome.

If you're wondering why you got a sudden influx, it's because Markiplier played your game and well worth it. Stuff looks amazing, my man. Would play myself if i wasn't in the outskirts with just an old lapto