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If there is any way I could have made the instruction much more understandable feel free to comment :).

The instructions are very straightforward and understandable.  My comment wasn't intended to imply otherwise...  just laughing at myself for taking a while to get the hang of it.

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Haha hey Wolf! I finally played your game. I dunno if Rob mentioned it...but man Im sure he's very proud. This turned out really well, Im so sorry I'm only getting to try it right now. The music is also spot on.

Tbh I thought the controls were abit confusing at first, the "sweet spot" part made me think he had particular hotspots that he enjoyed and to find them. I think however, its random or completely not based on the image(razix) himself?

At first I thought it was his tail, as I was getting some white circles there. I totally failed the 1st time. 2nd time and after reading comments, it seems its completely rhythm based? Perhaps if Razix himself spoke some clues that could help. Anyways, well done! :)

Someone else told me that I could probably designate a button to hit instead of being able to click anywhere which would probably partially clarify the objective.