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Thanks for recognizing XD.  It's HTML5 instead of Flash since that is being phased out.

Someone else told me that I could probably designate a button to hit instead of being able to click anywhere which would probably partially clarify the objective.

Hey Drakhaen!

I'm planning on building from the game-play idea but The Human Cargo collab is a one time thing for now.

If there is any way I could have made the instruction much more understandable feel free to comment :).

Thank you :D

Hey Bullfrog! eeron gave me permission to use Razix's theme.  I will keep the movie mode in mind as a possible unlockable once I start designing more complicated gameplay :).

Thank you for the heads up!  I've been looking for websites to upload short games such as this because I don't want to spam too many quick short games in my itch page.

Thank you for the input!  Honestly the dialogue was a last minute addition just to see if I can so I didn't think about it being a distraction.

Yes. It's a short game. ^_^;;

Thank you :)! I want to gather comments like this for consideration because I'm planning on revamping the game play to make goal clearer.  This may be a one off thing as Rob Colton let me use Razix to build the the prototype for testing.

Thanks for playing!

Bobcgames posted a walk-through if you want to get the best ending if you are interested:

An indication that you're doing well during the press conference is that Charles will raise his hand in an apparent thumbs up.

Yes! Click on this link and follow the direction to apply the patch: