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Dear Puppet Combo, I have been a big fan of yours for a while now. I've always wanted to play night shift, but i don't have money to spend on games. If it's possible in anyway it would be so cool if you would give me a copy of night shift for free. Now I'm not trying to rip you off or beg, I will be spending money on your games a lot when I'm 18 next year. I just always wanted to get to play night shift. Please Reply...

Thank you for being a fan! I can't give away any copies however, because it wouldn't be fair to people that paid.

That's ok I'll buy the bundle when i get the money, one question tho do you think you'll ever be interested in collaborating with anyone? Because one of my other dreams has been to get to work with you or scythedevteam on a game I've got great ideas and i know quite a bit of stuff on a normal level i would even work for free the reward would be to get to help one of my favorite game dev teams in the horror and game industry.

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You can make your own games! I mean this in an excited and hopeful way. I got Unity for free, Blender for free, and I paid $65 for Playmaker on the unity asset store, and I've been developing my own game for awhile using these plus tutorial vids online. With Playmaker you don't even need to code since it's a visual scripting program. (Unity itself is creating a visual scripting plugin due out in 2020, so by then the ENTIRE process will be totally free for beginners, plus your time.)

It's amazing how easy it is to do this stuff now and make your vision a reality. It just takes time and dedication, and trial and error to figure out what types of experiences keep your interest long enough to complete them. Ideas are easy to come by. The real trick is dedication to the daily process of developing them. For me, I'd create games for free anyway, so I might as well make it my job! Now that the tools are practically free, it's up to you to make your vision a reality. You can do it!  We need more Puppet Combo style developers in the world, and that could be you! Also for videos and inspiration, check out Youtubers John Wolfe, KrKravin, Gab Smolders, Nexpo, Night Mind, Bowlingotter, and Scare Theater. Great stuff.

I’ve already made my own games in fact I made I’m Home Demo which is number 4 on in the popular horror games tab plus it has 350 downloads and several you tubers have played including jack septic eye this morning. I meant the vhs effect

I checked out your game, and that's pretty cool, and great job if youtubers like Jack have played it! If you're looking for a VHS video effect (?) check out VHS Pro on the Asset Store, but I heard it doesn't yet have Unity 2019.1 support or URP support. PSXEffects, though, works great in recent Unity versions. You can use it to get affine textures, vertex snapping, lower resolulutions, bit crushing, etc. for a PS1 look. Combine that with using none/point filtering on textures in Unity, and it looks awesome. I'm not sure which plugins Puppet Combo uses, but those are similar.

I’ll check into it thanks!