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Hi Baconation!
I really appreciate you trying out my game. 

  • When you were referring to the prompts, did you mean the textbox scrolling speed was too fast, or the horizontal sliding text effect was too fast?
  • As for the speed of the game, did you find the AI too quick to react?

Thank you for your feedback, it really helps me!


The prompts I am referring to are the ones that appear when you open a book in the bedroom and it has text fly past the screen saying what keys to press. It barely gives you any time to read them.

For the speed of the game I could not tell you how the AI reacted because they move so fast I don't even have time to think. By the time I am ready to line up an attack the enemy has already moved or hit me a ton of times. In general, all movement for the game seems like its 4 times faster than it should be, almost like I'm watching like a movie in fast forward.

Hey Baconation,

I've reuploaded a new version if you are still interested in playing. I think there is a bug with framerates - the game plays past 60 fps on certain devices. The new version should lock it to 60 frames, although there is a debugging tool if you press 'F1' to check. :)

Thank you for your time and patience! 


OK, thanks for the fix, I was able to play the game perfectly with the new version. Gotta say, for someone that says they are new to doing stories in video games, this is really good. I made it to the end and I can see you are going somewhere interesting with this.

The combat was the weakest part for me. I thought it was just a bit too simple and could use some refinement.The animations and movement though were good and the enemies felt good to fight.

The most I've done with stories in games is a wall of text explaining the backstory, so this time it's a bigger leap forwards :)

Again, thanks for playing! I'll make sure to incorporate your feedback during the next few steps of development until the final release!