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oh really? I thought I was the only one obsessively observing the site :P


Every day I come here, and every time I leave hyped even more.

Are there any limits to the power of the moo?


Please accept this never before seen moo as a token of gratitude for your continued patronage.


The moo is accepted with great joy.

It's truly refreshing to see a developer who possesses true understanding of such passion and also shares aforementionted passion with the fans.

I feel like I'm watching a new Star Wars movie being directed by true and dedicated admirers instead of J.J. an K.K. Usually you get a feeling that VN creators kinda hate their own stories, while here you can feel the love.

Hope it's not impeding your development process too much, you know, working with one hand and all.



Oh yeah, I'm having the time of my life here. I've been writing fiction for years now and this is the project that's gripped me the most. This story about Asterion really is something I've been itching to tell for a while now and it has great personal significance to me. It means a lot to me that people are connecting to it and the whole team is quite passionate about it.

Thank you for your support.