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It's the Card 130 I realize i became Flubby IS. There are more suicide Bombers than civilians.

Card 140 The Army is fully equipped and fights hard but the first explosions in the far corners are the first signs for defeat.

card 145 Old Soldiers die all over the place, reproduction can not keep up at all. The End is near.

Card 150 Suicide Bombs exploding all over the area new born Flubbies die nearly instantly. I think its time to Pray to Flubbgod.

Card 155 Just a few Soldiers remain, They cry before they activate their suicide Bomb!

Card 157 1 brave solidier tries its best to protect the remaining 2 civilians

Card 158 With a last Blast and a horrible cry he takes a few Gronkas whit him. Flubby IS is defeated. Did the Bad guys win or is it a victory over a horrible Flubby regime?

Amazing story, made my day! May Flubbgod protect our souls.

This is great! Also really sad :( The flubbies might have lost this fight, but their brave spirit will remain for generations to come!