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Wow, thank you very much! That's some great feedback and great ideas :) We will definetly try out a bunch of them!

Hi FlareWolf, I hadn't looked into this game for a while - apparently there were issues with the server I hosted the creatures on. Now I uploaded a new version which should work again :) 

Hi Josep,

Unfortunately we still haven't quite figured out what causes the issues on Mac so far, there seems to be a few people with the same troubles.

It worked for us on a Mac Book Pro 2015 with MacOS 10.15.4. 

Hi thinkberg, we definetely want to add touch controls at a later point during our development, the current version isn't optimized for touch unfortunately. 

Hi sparkertime, sorry too hear you have trouble with the version. We currently only have access to one Mac Book Pro with MacOS 10.15.4 to test Dorfromantik, it works fine there. Hopefully we can figure out what causes the issues on Mac!

Beautiful atmosphere! :) Music, sound and visuals (especially the animations) go really well together. 

I suggest changing the font though for better readability. And I didn't figure out the social stat yet - it seemed to go down even after I meet people or give them items. Also I think you should allow the player to use items on the own character while at the fire side.

Looking forward to see what you will make out of the project in the future!

I like the style and the idea!

The bug is really a bit too difficult to control though, especially since you need to hit the same object multiple times. Maybe a quicker turn will help - or that you only need to hit the hearts once (and they do less damage).

One of my favorites so far! I really liked the unexpected turns ,  the polished gameplay and  the atmoshphere (especially sounds and music were really good).

I think I would change the colors though - there's too little contrast and the thumbnail doesn't stand out that much.

I love the main character! :D I played the game through (but only found one golden leaf)

I think coloring the tiles that you walked on could make for an interesting mechanic.

Hopefully this is the first of many game jams for you! 

I think I did quite well in my first run, but the second rund I set the speed really low and the lizard glitched out of the screen - which meant infinite points for me :D

Do the pickups actually affect your score though? Or does it only go up with the time?

Really polished (if you can say so with this style :D ) and extensive game! I spent some time with it and for the most part it was challenging but not frustratingly hard - until I reached the ADblock section. I couldn't get past that whatsoever :/

I really liked the mechanics, especially the error platform and the basic enemy. Also sound and visuals, even if quite crazy and all over the place, made for a unique aesthetic. I also really enjoyed the little details you added.

One issue is that I sometimes found it difficult to distinguish platforms from other random level glitch elements. And I wasn't a huge fan of the glitch boost - it killed me much more often than actually helping me out :P

Great job overall!

Wow this was my favorite entry so far! :) The chicken are adorable (visuals & sound) and the concept is really clever and challenging! 

At one point I grabbed all my chicken at once and dragged them around the screen which made them lay egg after egg :D

What I didn't like so much is the "debug menu" - I think more direct ways to fix the bugs (like the whitescreen) work better. Maybe just exposing the buttons without the extra step of entering the menu would already help the game feel

Great visuals! I'm not sure if I beat the game - I destroyed the menu and then the game restarted 

Very nice and complete game! Clever use of the wall glitching mechanic :)

I got stuck at one point on the way back (where the pillar is blocking the whole height of the screen) 

Thanks a lot :) We will consider using this as a prototype for a full game!

The game feel was super nice!

The buggy planets were really unpredictable though, which DOES feel buggy but disrupts the flow a bit :/ 

Nice little game :) I really liked the sound design and overall game loop.

Some suggestions for improvements:

  • I was quite confused about the teleport mechanic. Maybe a little more feedback (like a particle effect) would help to communicate it.
  • I think the movement would improve a lot if you used the mouse input continuously, so that the character keeps walking as long as I hold the mouse button.
  • Often I bumped into invisible walls, where it looked as if the level would go on. Maybe you could close those opening so that it communicates more clearly :) 

RIP Mr Flubby 😢

This is great! Also really sad :( The flubbies might have lost this fight, but their brave spirit will remain for generations to come! 

Woah 😱

I'm glad you like it! :) A new and improved version of Golem is in work, with different objectives per level and special challenge levels, like 1 vs. 2.