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a game about things breaking in space
A solo horror game about being hunted, and leaving behind records.
a solo roleplaying game about coming to terms with your past
A fae ruler, the human who serves them, and what can tempt a mortal to give up everything they have
The Ultimate Haunted House Adventure & Toolkit
A Game About A Supernatural Investigation
A game about death, rebirth, memories, and letting go.
Conspiracy Horror inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos
A Solo RPG to play with your Patron God
a game of love and terror between a girl and a rusalka
A novella-length rpg adventure of tragic witch hunting one cold October. Updated!
a game about seeking and finding in the woods of Salem
A roleplaying game about food, power, and identity
A game about cooking, witchcraft, and the consequences of revenge.
A pervasive horror dare that shows you the dangers of not believing
A horror larp for 3+ people, played with minimal supplies.
Threatening Sleep is a first person horror adventure with survival elements.
A roleplaying party game for Hallowe'en or horror fans.
a solo game about a haunted house
A suite of small games designed to show how far PbtA can go.
A microRPG about harvest-time bounty, celebration, and sacrifice
Live RP for 2 players. It is a game of temptation, tantalization, trust, and terror. 
Something is trying to get you out of bed by showing you anything other than what it is or what it wants.
Weird fantasy D&D RPG zines
Werewolf brothers locked in a prison of darkness and obsession.
Urban horror adventures for the Unbound RPG system
a decidedly un-heroic pen-and-paper dungeon crawl
A game of terrors and temptation for two or more players.
a horror & kissing RPG for a group text, sleepless between full moons
Luchadors fighting Movie Monsters, Powered by the Apocalypse
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