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Set in a fictional universe, often (but not always) with fantastic or supernatural elements, alternate worlds, magic and monsters.

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A post-apocalyptic sci-fantasy tabletop RPG about building a better future.
A solo roleplaying game about wandering in an ancient city.
a fantasy RPG of piracy, sea monsters, and trade wars
a game about gods, mortals, and the space between
A fantasy cyberpunk game about the space between head and heart.
A GMless, prompt-based story game about the spells we cast together, and the words we use to weave our magic.
A chess based storytelling game for 2 players.
A tabletop roleplaying game for 1 player and 2 volunteers
A Saturday-morning cartoon style RPG featuring legendary women from around the world.
Tabletop Game of Incompetent Adventurer's Escaping Insane Dungeons
A novella-length rpg adventure of tragic witch hunting one cold October. Updated!
A roleplaying party game of Arthurian Knights and Shakespearean Fairies
A ttrpg of tricksters, lessons & desires.
A tabletop RPG about cleaning wizards
A game about boasting over drinks.
Fall of Magic is an award-winning story game of strange hosts, fantastic places, and perilous choices
Soon you'll be the world's best wizard! If only you could cast more than one spell per day...
You wake up on a world that is not quite your own. Now you have to find your way back.
A game of telling fortunes of adventures not yet embarked upon.
A GMless duet TTRPG about communication and trauma
Robin Hood vs. Vampires. Mask up. Spill blood. Drink the Rich.
A suite of small games designed to show how far PbtA can go.
Beneath the spires and stones, the canals and isles, the Catacombs breathe...