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a serious game about abstract painting
Audio visualizer with a few preset audio clips and in browser demo
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A thing with a cat.
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five bytebeat compositions generated in real-time by your computer
An assortment of artworks, photos, poems, stories, writings all made in freizeit
A Dada-fi Artbook
Folder II out now!
Can we understand one things in terms of another?
Walk through a place obfuscated by the fog of memory
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Fractalicious Desktop Wallpapers
A manifesto for creating digital connections
All games are a means to a punchline🍋
Lab Test - Jordan Maclean C17772091.
VR abstract narrative
A screensaver that randomizes itself every 10 seconds.
I don't even know about this one.
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PICO-8 in 140 (and then later 280) characters or less
Cave Story's title screen as a 16:9 screensaver!
Musical Experience
those nights you wake up to pee but you didn't came back to bed after
Combining boid particle systems and the evolution game 'Spore'
Procedurally generated circuits
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