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Learn how to use unity's navmesh for 2D games
Learn how to create scrolling combat text in unity
Learn how to save and load in Unity
Learn how to load different scenes in unity
Learn how to create a highscore list in Unity
Learn how to create an android game in Unity
License for Clipnote Studio
Need to write a Game Design Document (GDD)? Use this templates and a real life GDD example to start right away.
Learn how to create a casting bar in Unity
A Dice rolling program
Kebind tutorial
The best drawings from the January 2019 period!
Over 8 years, over 600 files. Every drawing I've taken off my Tumblr.
"Ultimagotchi" Collectible Virtual Cards are here!
Un juego Familiar
Non-Spyro video game art and comics!
Art by Razz related to books, moves, comics, and more from 2009 to 2018. 580 files in 24 Folders, 314mb
Art, comics, and writing themed around the Spyro the Dragon/Skylanders franchise!
Honey, I know you wanna look nice.
Beautiful pets for your TV, with generative ambient music
Learn how to create a 2D endless runner UNITY
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