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Make your own Platform Fighter in GameMaker!
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Multiplayer Bluetooth controllers adapter for retro consoles
Some tips on tricks on how to create your TTRPG, as well as some useful resources
You purchase a childlike sentient android. Your choices determine where the story goes from there.
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For generating bizarre Stands with
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Learn to create extensive user interfaces (UI) and dynamic data systems with Godot by building an Inventory Screen!
Procedurally generated Tarot-like cards
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A cute town and a cute bunny boy, leaving behind his calm life for something more.
Not a game. Actually a real time machine.
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A collection of Free and Open-Source Godot demos created for learning purposes
Official companion book to Highway Blossoms
Do you remember everything you played in 2017? I sure do.
A zine made by cuties, for cuties ♥ Art, Guides + more!~
everything that happens in the dark
An inside look into the development of Heart of the Woods
A nice little GDD template for people who want to try making games.
Free, digital zine celebrating the xReader side of One Piece
An RPG Maker 2003 project template that allows you to make Yume Nikki clones/fangames.
Narrative flight simulator about the boundaries of binary worlds
Contemplative procedural generator
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Interactive guide on installing U.B. Funkeys for any OS
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Explore the ruins of an ancient society in this horror platformer
A free digital anthology all about the otome game BUSTAFELLOWS!
A free fanzine dedicated to the relationship between Tartaglia and Lumine of Genshin Impact!
art manifesto [FR/ENG]
A quick experiment made with Twine
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[FR/EN] mini-zine-zini
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Sci-Fi Themed Ambient Environmental Sound Program
A simple tutorial on how to create and use a Menu/Inventory System.
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✨ Inspired by Neopets, we offer a fantasy pet + avatar dress-up browser game with vibrant lore & customized artwork.
This guide is available for free at:
How to derail a degree in just 12 easy texts
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An educational demonstration of how to make your game more engaging
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AMOS Layers System [Amiga]
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