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Not a game. Actually a real time machine.
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3D fractals rendering demo
if paul is a pepperoni pizza is pepperoni acne.
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A zine full of resources for folks new to chronic illness all the way up to seasoned pros!
A comprehensive body of games worked on by the author, regardless of state, with narration
The trope-y, gay romcom where you need to score yourself a fake girlfriend in 2 days!
>> Visual Novel about Existentialist Horror
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semi-interactive abstract art generator
CratePak Download Guide
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Satan has a quota he has to fill.
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A dark comedy about Death meeting a quota
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Write a short letter to your miserable self
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Its hard to make it to the top, even harder to stay there.
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small poems about small moments
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gravity-based generative music tool
experimental drum machine
Creates Simple Game Levels (Version 1.2)
VR-Optional Film experience for OSVR, SteamVR and Oculus users - Scare your friends!
A quick experiment made with Twine
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A program that generates maps that change over time.
Match-maker, ice-breaker, souvenirs-crafter.
An almost-infinite gallery of self-painting oil canvases.
Platform jumping game
You don't want a virus do you?
Want to learn about Zika in VR?
I can't even take a piss!
A short story about nostalgia and friendship
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