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A Yashiki/Mashita (Death Mark) Pinning Interactive Poem.
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Not a game. Actually a real time machine.
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A cute town and a cute bunny boy, leaveing behind his calm life for something more.
Procedurally generated Tarot-like cards
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3D fractals exploration game
A small random character generator made in a day.
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a collab fanzine dedicated to ghost pokemon, organized by almondette
Aprende a crear Pong paso a paso en Game Maker Studio
A quick experiment made with Twine
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The result of trying to build a triangular cellular automaton
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A collection of dreadful old games.
Create islands from tweets!
Simple drawing toy, used for background projection
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The story of the Iolaire which sank on New Year’s Day 1919.
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Twitch stream overlay game
An educational demonstration of how to make your game more engaging
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Bag +5 holds gear in your tabletop campaign.
The trope-y, gay romcom where you need to score yourself a fake girlfriend in 2 days!
A short story about nostalgia and friendship
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An almost-infinite gallery of self-painting oil canvases.
Point cloud generator
Becoming a mail carrier is no small task, but there are three new recruits determined to pass the test.
Create your own tiny garden.
Screensavers & homework, together at last
Take a selfie with a black hole
Dystopian story about social oppression
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VR-Optional Film experience for OSVR, SteamVR and Oculus users - Scare your friends!
A comprehensive body of games worked on by the author, regardless of state, with narration
A beginner-friendly, droning synthesizer in your browser
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