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want to make your first visual novel? look here!

A topic by nadia nova created Aug 27, 2018 Views: 756
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renpy is a great and powerful FREE engine for making your own visual novels, it has all the basic stuff already built in so you dont need to code it all yourself, only thing you need to yourself is basically just the art and writing your story! its the most popular tool for making visual novels and if you want to see examples take a peak to the renpy tag here on

ive linked below the quickstart guide which has plenty of information on how to get started and goes through all the basics for making your first game! there is no need to read every single thing on the page but quickly glancing through and reading as much as you can helps you out so you know what renpy is capable of.

as you download the game it also comes with a inbuilt tutorial/example project called "the question" which you can play through and then open up the code and see for yourself how it was made. 

i recommend just making a own project by copying and modifying all you need from the quickstart page and the example project. basically just change the sprites to your own assets and change the dialogue to your own story. its the easiest approach to making your own game and thats how i personally started on my first project!

if you need more help feel with anything, free to hop into the yurijam discord and ask for help. you can also contact me personally and i can do my best with helping you out! my discord is "a nadia#6949!"