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Submitted by superduperpacman42 — 58 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline

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xkcd-ness (how well it matches/interprets the comic)#632.8644.750

Ranked from 4 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Link to xkcd comic / 'what if' article the game is based on

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.

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I'll admit, I quit this game as I was just playing pong with an AI that got faster (I'm bad at pong -_- ), but then I checked the comments and saw that there was more too it. I'm glad I did as that was an interesting game. It was frustrating to try and get the bullets to reflect back at the target but everything died in one hit so that was ok. I disagree with Naomi down there on this one. It took a while to get a shot angled *just* right to hit him and it took several minutes to do so. If he had more than one life, I would have damn well flipped my keyboard. I admit a lucky shot could end that battle in an upset early, but the pongs angle mechanic were not made for that kind of precision (unless, I suppose, you are really 'that' good). 

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This review contains SPOILERS!

I had a lot of fun with this!  It's basically the xkcd strip played out in game form, with a few twists along the way.

I like how it starts out as just a regular Pong game, but the paddle we're not playing as (who I'm going to call "Neo Paddle" because The Matrix) suddenly has a revelation and decides to bust out, bringing us along with him.  As we go (with no sound effects or music, which is kind of a bummer), we are attacked by . . . I guess debuggers?  Kind of?

I like how the things sent to stop us, and every other enemy in this game, use Pong mechanics: we have to dodge bullets that will kill us, and then send green bullets to the enemy to destroy them.  It's a nice touch,  Though sometimes the area felt too cramped and I died a lot because the bullets surrounded me, and the green bullet would bounce off in directions I didn't quite expect (which could have been lessened if every area had a wall and ceiling above and below it, instead of just specific stages for some reason).  And it was weird how the Neo Paddle never helped us as we busted out--the story never explains why he was just chilling while we got attacked. X) I know it's a game jam so you probably didn't have time for AI for Neo Paddle, which is fine; maybe explain that he was fighting other enemies while you fought yours, or something?

The twist that the paddle you're playing is one of the people who created the game is a nice one.  And then Neo Paddle attacks us so he can destroy the Pong Matrix and then our world--is that what happens in the Matrix sequels?  Because I don't think that's what happens in the Matrix, but it's ok.

The final boss (Neo Paddle) goes down in just one hit, though.  Kind of a letdown.  His shot pattern is pretty cool, but the fact that he releases a green ball every time (instead of, say, every other time or even every third time, since he goes down in one hit) is just, "Really?!"

All in all, I had some good fun with this game.  Thanks for making it--great work. :)

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Could you make a web version because it isn't working on my PC.


I wasn't expecting the plot twist! I knew the comic had one, but at one point I thought you simply made a pong game!

However, the game gets frustrating too quickly, as resets make you lose your progress, and aiming your shots isn't easy :(


Thanks for the feedback! I just changed the reset mechanic so that it won't erase your progress anymore.  There is a new version of the game available to download if you want to give it another try.


Indeed, I gave it another go and this time I managed to see the ending :)