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Is it possible to submit a game using Scratch?

A topic by Stupid Robot Fighting created Feb 22, 2021 Views: 407 Replies: 11
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Is it possible to submit a game using Scratch? Has anyone done that before and what would be the best practice for doing so please?



I'd assume there'd be no problem so long as there is a way you can upload/link, your project :)


There is a scratch to html converter


i think so, also i am glad i am not the only one using scratch

I think we are going to be friends.


You are probably able to upload an sb3 file to the jam (sb3 is the type of file that scratch uses)

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Yes you can!!! If you don’t know already, You can use a very useful website called HTMLifer that converts your games into HTML Games! and also if you want more options for making scratch games then i suggest you go to another very useful website called E羊icques it allows you to bypass the limits of scratch, change the game resolution/dimensions, make your games run in 60FPS and its all in the browser! (best part is both of them are free!!!) If you wanna actually use any of these all you gotta do is download your scratch game and import it into one of the programs! I hope this helps anyone using scratch. (i used to use scratch and i right before i switched to another game engine i found about these) Also when your ready to submit for the game jam make sure to submit an HTML file, not a sb3 or it wont be playable in the browser.

Thanks a ton!

Thanks so much.


Glad to help!!! :-D

kind of an interesting idea... a scratch game for a jam.