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There are technically 4 enemies! Even if it is somewhat hard to tell between the regular snowmen and the jumping snowmen. But yeah, I agree, I should have added more enemies.

do not question the code trust me i 169% guarantee that the source code is cool and good

that was literally me 3 days from now

nvm i'm stupiding again

the simulator simply just gives me goofy ahh error

ok fine, I give it a 0/10,

thank you for your contribution

1/10 bad sensitivity

Nice game!

this is also a scratch game

would have probably been even funnier if it were ranked 69, oh well.


simulator moment

Great Game!

This is the first topic(for this jam) that I am aware of!

How are we today?

Exactly, so shut up.

But are you sure there are no game engines for brainfuck?

You think thats bad? Try making a game in brainfuck!

Crash, The g    ame, saves life

well I'm not using any of the themes so I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT!

We make a game thats a total joke!

April first! We all know what to do ;)


Haha! I love the humor in this! Nice gameplay and art!

sussy baka

Low Effort Jam 20 community · Created a new topic Ah yes

my generic jam is a knock off of your jam :/
oh well, I wish you the worst time!
(this is a complement by the generic jam standards)

Waifus and text, amazing


I'm hoping to add more levels after voting!

I'm hoping to do that!

3 yr olds gonna come enter da chat

Rate Everything is Totally Real by RetroBoi128 for Brackeys Game Jam 2022.1 -

Thanks for playing my game on stream! Sorry for not being there, anyway, the lag is due to how I make the levels.

Very cool vimlark, saw your streams!

Rate Everything is Totally Real by RetroBoi128 for Brackeys Game Jam 2022.1 -
btw, can you give me your link to your channel? sorry if you already posted it, I didn't notice

Anyway about the "but would like to see more mechanics"
I was hoping to add some other puzzles, boss battles, and more levels!
I'll do that after the jam! Assuming I don't get distracted anything else... maybe I should do that after Lunar Stroll....

tbh it would be amazing if I could get a game like that done within a day