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Wide-Dot jam inspiration

A topic by dafu created Dec 09, 2017 Views: 195 Replies: 2
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This is such a neat jam, I wish I've heard of it earlier.

While I haven't participated I'd like to say thank you for reminding me of the Amstrad CPC days, and I'd like to share that Wide-Dot jam directly inspired a "wide pixel mode" addition in the new release of my little retro game framework FES  (scroll down a bit for wide mode):


You are MOST truly and splendidly welcome, pickler, and such a wonderful pleasure to meet you here as well!!  ;)

As for your retro-game framework of FES which indeed shows full support for sprites (including scaling and rotation), custom fonts, drawing primitives, 2d tilemaps, sound/music, keyboard/gamepad/mouse support, and even indeed a 2x1 wide-pixel mode of potentially any graphics resolution you wish, it looks SO AWESOME to say the least, and I am quite happy that you are actually creating it using the Unity engine... truly great work so far, and keep it up the way you are doing right here!!!  d=(^-^)=b !!

I am furthermore truly ecstatic that my own Wide-Dot Pixel Game Jam 2017 has rather successfully inspired you to create such an amazing framework that’ll surely excite the heart of ever so many retro-/indie-game programmers in so many damn good ways indeed!!!  And for that, pickler, I am forever-and-ever grateful with such magnificent plain joy straight from the heart.

Thank you ever so much very richly for sharing that quite amazing new framework with us.  ;*) !!!

You sir are are just a ray of sunshine!:)

Thank you for that!