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Segfault[0]: Mad HatterView game page

As a hacker-for-hire, you've stumbled into a system unlike any you've ever encountered.
Submitted by Connor Thomas Cleary (@ConnorTCleary) — 20 minutes, 40 seconds before the deadline

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Really neat game! I included it in part 7 of my WAG Challenge compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look :)


I really enjoyed this! The concept was super interesting and you did a good job with the world building so I caught on pretty quick to the sci-fi nature of what was going on.

I also really enjoyed the different colored links to show choice hierarchy. it helped me feel a lot more comfortable with exploring vs making choices.

Great job!


Hey, Tophat Haze,

Thanks so much for checking out my game!

I'm sorry if you experienced bugs with the variables. When Tyg decides your character for you, he'll either say "dude" or "dudette" to tell you the gender the randomization has assigned to you. I'll definitely take a look to see if it's something I can rectify.

And I do apologize if you were seeing cursing in the game after turning on the language filter! The choice was certainly intended to alter some of the language in the game so players can tailor their experience. Please feel free to drop me a line at to let me know which words you found objectionable -- that way I can figure out whether it's a bug, or whether I should tone the language down further when that choice is selected. Thanks again!


Small story issue: when the Djinn's game starts at the battlefield, there isn't a sense of a long time passing at all, and just saying "You've been at war longer than you can remember" doesn't cut it. Or has it been a long time? I honestly don't know, and that's a problem.

Other than that, the story is well done, and definitely different from other entries in a good way.

Oh, and I'm in the jam, too! My game is called Literate. Check it out?



[Note: Mild spoilers!]

The story is very interesting, with some nice writing, though I don't think the variables were done properly. I had Tyg tell me my memories, which implied the main character is male. Later, the Djinn referred to me as female("Ms.", "my girl"). I think there might have been a mistake with the variables.

Also, I said "I tend to avoid it" for the cursing choice, but there was cursing anyway. Was that a mistake, or does that choice not matter? If it's the latter, then I'm disappointed, because the choice has no point, and because I really do try to avoid foul language.