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Beware the Faerie Food You EatView game page »

They say that some of the faerie folk can grant wishes...
Submitted by Astrid Dalmady (@dastridly) with 5 days, 11 hours before the deadline

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Love the detains int he way the game is presented. Really neat story. I included it in part 8 of my WAG Challenge compilation video series, if you would like to check it out :)


The 7th ending I got was The Truth Hurts, and then I decided to get the others later. I gave a false name and didn't have the drink at the market, so it seems those determine if the queen says yes. Am I right? Please tell me; I'm curious. :D

I'm guessing 2 of the 3 endings I haven't gotten yet are determined by the reason for your adventure at the beginning. I just want to say it's a bit annoying to make a different choice at the beginning, and replay an entire game just for a small change all the way at the end. If there were changes along the way, it would be a bit better, because it means I'm not looking at the same text every single playthough.

Despite the minors problems mentioned above, this is definitely one of the best games in the jam. The writing is great, and it's complimented by beautiful presentation. The variety of the endings, and the number of them, make the game very interesting. All in all, it's a very nice game. Great job!



My first ending was "Death by Drowning". My second was "The Faerie Food You Ate", and it creeped me out. The third was "Death by Dancing ", which I got just to see if I was right to not to that earlier, and to get the ending. The 4th ending I got was The Rip Van Ending, just to see what would happen if I didn't use my knife. The 5th ending I got was Death by Knife, which...wasn't what I thought would happen if I used the knife. The 6th ending I got was You Know Better Now, just because.

For my first 2 endings, my question was to belong. For the 3rd-5th, it was to find a loved one. Does your quest determine the ending or alter it at all? Because the queen said no when I arrived for the 4th ending. Perhaps it's because I said my name during that playthough?




The title instantly reminded me of the words of caution that if you eat a faerie's food, you'll become a faerie's slave.

The presentation was quite nice. The frame is very cute and well done, the background compliments the frame nicely, and the text is big enough that it fits in the frame quite naturally.

Now, here are some thoughts I had while playing.

After stepping into the faerie ring, the choices are quite obvious at first. The first few boil down to "Stay in the faerie world, which was warned about in the beginning, or don't". It's obvious the latter is the "correct" choice. Thankfully, this trend starts to fade after your name is asked for. though that choice also boils down to "give the fae an advantage, or don't".

The "hidden exit" puzzle was quite clever. It didn't take long to solve, but it was nicely done.