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Idea Smelting - what are you planning? Sticky

A topic by Tartle Games created Jul 23, 2018 Views: 73 Replies: 3
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Talk about what you're planning\thinking\working on?


I jotted down many ideas over the last few weeks and I finally came to the conclusion that the most logical thing for me to work on was Chapter 2 of the game I made for last Vulcan Jam. Most people that played Vulcan Sacrifice seemed to enjoy it a lot, so I think if I rework the first levels and add the final chapter it might be good enough to put it on steam. At least, that's my goal. Not a tradition jam game, I guess, because it builds off an existing jam game, but that's what I'm planning.

I started sketching out some art tiles to try and get more ideas on what Chapter 2 is. I have some ideas, but it's not as formed as I'd like.


I'll be doing a single-player, murder mystery game that takes place around the vulcan monument in Birmingham. The game play will be similar to Mafia or Werewolf, but with AI controlling the other characters. It will be full of B'ham history.

A incremental clicker game based around industry / inspiration of mortals seems like it might be cool. Might try my (very novice) hands at that.