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Are we allowed to use music from GB Games?

A topic by GameDevHell created Sep 01, 2017 Views: 283 Replies: 8
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Just wondering, does all music have to be made by the developer or can we use tracks from existing GB games and/or from Are we at least allowed the option of using existing music and providing credit?


You can use existing music as long as it is Gameboy themed and you provide credits and get permission from the artist.

Music from actual Gameboy games is not allowed, as this is a copyright issue.

i can make music!

my contact:

Would you be interested in working together then Filipe? I'm working on a platformer/action-rpg hybrid for the jam and I'm looking for music that would suit a swashbuckling adventure in an 8 bit style.

wow, sounds like fun.

what you guys need? Music, sound fx?

do you guys uses Discord?

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So far its just me programming and drawing but I would like music for my game. I don't have discord but I can get it so we can both communicate. It's getting late for me in my timezone, I have to goto bed.

Perfect. Let's keep in touch by discord.
send your contact at discord to me, or use soundcloud to contact.

My discord tag is GameDevHell#4547


i send a invitation on discord ;)