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My Favorite MatchView game page

A broken heart, a matchmaker, and a twist of fate change her life forever.
Submitted by MLoreley — 1 day, 16 hours before the deadline

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Any advice on how to extract the files? My computer won't open the download so I am unable to play it :(

Beautiful graphics! I included it in part 3 of my TyranoBuilder Summer Jam 2015 compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look :)


Popping in to say the art is gorgeous and you two did an amazing job teaming up together. Your story and your art mesh together seamlessly.

I'm so excited to show this game to my friends!


Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful feedback so far. :) I'm beyond words, grateful that you're enjoying the game!


This was too true to life tbh lol I'm surprised I didn't get the bad endings first...maybe I have hope too. This is great~ I like it and Noah is too cute for words T^T


I'm not even done with playing this yet and it's just utterly awesome. haha. Great job, team.

Don't listen to Cheetorh he is a troll who likes to pick on MLorely and her work.

The art is clearly in Amy of Darkness's signature style based on MLorely's original designs. Almost no one does the hair textures the way AoD does, certainly not cheetor who can't even photoshop a watermark competently. He is just annoyed MLoreley got a sweet artist to work with her.

Also this is a visual novel. If MLorely can take art from another project and rewrite a totally different, sweet and original story around it that would be crazy impressive. Stealing visual novel art isn't like dropping in a stolen mario sprite in an app game, it would actually be way, way harder to steal art and try to write around it than to make something original.

But I tell you what Cheetypoo if you want to impress why don't you draw the character with a chainsaw and prove you can actually do digital art in this know, on your computer which can't even run photoshop. Hah! ;)

Wow! It's stolen? That's really sad to hear :( Sorry Cheetorh ... that really sucks!

Did you contact admins? Feels like this should be removed from contest =\

Actually, I did it all in paint because my computer can't run Photoshop... You can tell by the pixels. Army of Darkness go back to making movies about chainsaw man killing zombies you're not good at real art.

Ah, I see how it is. Trolling. I have nothing further to say to you then.

My apologies MLoreley, I should not have engaged this weak troll, but I want anyone checking out this game to realize it's a false accusation.

You just Photoshopped that in cheetorh, and BADLY by the way. Please piss off with your trolling. I know Amy and mloreley personally and have observed their progress on this project, it's not yours and never will be. explain this watermark wise guy

cheetorh, what the HELL are you talking about? I drew the art, none of it is stolen. Don't you DARE come in here and try to smear my friend with these false accusations!

you stole my art pls take this down


Oh, man. This game looks so cute. I need to finish my entry so I can play!