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Reminder that I love this premise and these characters so so much! I've been shipping since the first release~

Popping in to say the art is gorgeous and you two did an amazing job teaming up together. Your story and your art mesh together seamlessly.

I'm so excited to show this game to my friends!


Ahhh that was really cute. I wanted it to be longer! I think your art and backgrounds were really cute too. Good work!!!

I'm honored! I look forward to working with you~!

You can reach me at frogberri on Skype or breaugho at gmail! I'll do my best for you!

Hi there! Heard you were looking for voiceover actors? I'm a semi-professional voice actress and would love to help out. You can find my demo over here ( https://www.castingcall.club/m/beria ). Lemme know if I can do anything for you!

Also fashionably late! Hello hello. I wasn't going to participate, but all these cool games inspired me!

" ChainLink "

A quick & pink RPG "Horror Elements" Game. Your heroine, Zariah Croft, must survive a week at school with some supernatural force out to kill her. She must watch every step she makes as she tries to discover what is trying to kill her, why, and just who at her new school can she even trust?

The gameplay uses puzzles and relationship building to unravel the mystery. It certainly does not fit into the traditional horror game mold as the game is intended to be bright, cute, and out to lure you into a false sense of security. Please don't play the finish product if you have a nervous disposition, dislike gore, have triggers for ABUSE or MANIPULATION,and/or are sensitive to spooky elements.

Mostly posting over heeere: http://chainlink-dev.tumblr.com/

Let's do our best, everyone!

Hi there! I hope I can be of help to you, so let me see what I can do!

First Off: Very possible! In fact, there was once a little challenge about making a game with the free "Lite" version. You can read more about it over here: https://rpgmaker.net/events/rm_ace_lite_cook_off/

As you can see there, many games were made! That page will also tell you about the limitations of the Lite version.They will likely force you to make a smaller game, but that doesn't mean it can't be quality! 'cuz

Secondly, there's a really awesome Lite Version game that's pixel horror! Dreaming Mary was made in RPGMaker Lite! If you read the Dreaming Mary tumblr, you can find some information on how they pulled it off. The game is also very quick to play, so I'd highly recommend playing through it. Just double check that none of the triggers are going to hurt you, okay?

As for the commercial projects bit: You're correct. You cannot use Lite to make a game to sell. However, you can make a game to distribute freely. Basically, whatever you make will have to be released for free.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Oh! I think that's an easy thing to fix, actually. It should be in your game settings. From then, you let Tyrano do the "fading' by giving it at least 500 frames to take the character off the screen :)

Ahhhh I am so so sooo excited for this you don't even know!!! Congrats on the convert to Renpy! Everything looks awesome!

Ahh I'd be honored but I don't really know what I can contribute! Your games are already so amazing and way out of my league ;;

Ah, that was very nice~ The art is super smooth and I love what you did with the UI! I hope to see more from you soon!

Oh hi! Nice meeting you too! >u< I can't wait to try your game!

And holy moly I'm so glad to hear you were able to play it enjoyed it.