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Congrats fellow 3rd placer! You did well!

Congratulations on your placement in the Jam!

Congratulations! You did awesome!

A creative approach to the cyberpunk genre. You worked hard on this, Doctor! Good job!

Great job! I had a lot of fun playing this!

Just got done playing this one. Very very well done. Great story and music to go with it!

I'm not even done with playing this yet and it's just utterly awesome. haha. Great job, team.

Oh, man. This game looks so cute. I need to finish my entry so I can play!

Thank you very much!

I'm so happy to hear the game is going over well! I do hope to make future installments or revise the entire project to a full-length game!

Thank you kindly. I'm really hoping to turn it into something more than a singular entry now that I've done it. I appreciate the comment!

Woo! Always nice to see another one-woman army game dev! Good job It was really fun to play! \o/