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Made it just in time!

A topic by Hyperpotato created Aug 30, 2017 Views: 85 Replies: 5
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After lazing around and learning java for about 5 days, I managed to pull it off in a bit over a day. Please let me know what you think of it and if I should continue it as a fun project.


Did you like learning new stuff? Did you like the process? If yes then go for it for sure. I think the idea is really unique and interesting and if you think you have an idea on how to make it better or more enjoyable then go for it. After all if you enjoy the product you will have a loyal customer ;) Also try to keep going with one language until you feel comfortable instead of jumping onto a next one as you would have to reinvent the wheel all the time. The next project you do in java will be easier (I bet if you would have to rewrite this game from scratch you would do it much faster).

PS Unrelated tip: One thing which I have noticed with  jams is that browser games are a bit more likely to be played. So if you are really looking for a lot of feedback making a game browser playable could help to get more people to play it. Itch  hosts some kind of formats while others might be hostable online for free?

Good luck!

Thank you for your reply! I have decided to make it a project and see where it goes. And about changing languages, I don't do that often. I need to know at least Java and C# for OOP, since it's a basic requirement when getting a job.

Good luck to you to!


I mentioned changing languages as I am struggling with this. I feel to excited to learn new stuff before I remember the old new stuff :/

That's a blessing a curse right there. But trust me, everyone settles mainly on a set of languages eventually.


Aye, I think that might happen later but I don't think thats good too. Because once you stop learning its hard to start learning again.