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Learning typing is an essential skill nowadays. Is it fun? NO! So lets make it fun!

 Did you ever want to have that awesome typing game which would make you practice typing more? Then why not to make it yourself?

 And the best part is gamedev has a typing game in it (it's called coding/programming) so go and make something awesome!


Can I use existing assets: Try to avoid this but if you really need to make sure attribute the owner and respect the license (so dont steal stuff)! 

Can I use existing code: engine is fine but try to make the meat of the game from scratch.

Teams allowed? YES! Can I do it solo? Definitely

Is my game good enough? Do you like it? If yes then yes, if not then... Even if you do not think it is your best creating still submit it as it is still an achievement to get a minimal viable product done! Also it will encourage others to take part and not to be scared to fail!

Prizes: None. Except now we have another awesome typing game done which will inspire more people to learn typing and improve their typing speed.

Having a game playable in browser is an asset! Open source is awesome! put a github project link or to a similar website (gitlab[I like this one], bitbucket)

Never give up and make your dream typing game!

Some cool ideas: typing game?

typinglike (it's rouguelike typing game)

rpg fps adventure puzzle minesweeper?????

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