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Oh I think I did not hit the right keys my bad lol. How close did you get to the 8k tokens or that is rarely an issue with pico8?

Did you use same algo for generating rooms as the original?

Game looks great. How many worlds is this supporting?

Too bad no controller support (unless a special key remapping program is used), but thats specifics of the pico 8 platform.

I am really interested in using and learning this tool but I do not always have the most reliable internet connection is there a way to have it run offline?

but you can you drag and drop can't you? -_-

thank you very much for your advice!

Tom do you know any good resources for people who are just starting out with composing/learning music?

I mean that if there would be an api avaliable for most popular languages it would make developing games easier and more people would be up for the challenge.

It might be a great idea to post it in a separate thread so everyone can access it, if you would be ok with it). Another thing which you can do is to show how the input would work and how to address the buttons in the most common languages used (c++,c#,java,gamemaker,python,whatever else :) ).

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Thanks! I kinda failed to explain how the game works lol. You have to get shot to live (eat the bullet get the energy). I was hoping to that player would learn from playing but it seems that it is so counter-intuitive that majority never figured it out (which is reasonable as very few played more than few games of it ). Thanks for covering it and feedback!

Aye, I think that might happen later but I don't think thats good too. Because once you stop learning its hard to start learning again.

I mentioned changing languages as I am struggling with this. I feel to excited to learn new stuff before I remember the old new stuff :/

Did you like learning new stuff? Did you like the process? If yes then go for it for sure. I think the idea is really unique and interesting and if you think you have an idea on how to make it better or more enjoyable then go for it. After all if you enjoy the product you will have a loyal customer ;) Also try to keep going with one language until you feel comfortable instead of jumping onto a next one as you would have to reinvent the wheel all the time. The next project you do in java will be easier (I bet if you would have to rewrite this game from scratch you would do it much faster).

PS Unrelated tip: One thing which I have noticed with  jams is that browser games are a bit more likely to be played. So if you are really looking for a lot of feedback making a game browser playable could help to get more people to play it. Itch  hosts some kind of formats while others might be hostable online for free?

Good luck!

Thanks a lot of leaving feedback.

no this is pico-8 which is a fantasy console (its basically a simulation of a 8 bit console). If you want to write in it you need to pay but there are free alternatives such as pico-12 on github and others. I think you can definitely do something similar in unity for sure though!

Of course you can use dictionaries! Just make sure to give them credit if it is required so under license or you just wanna do so. Also I think it would be awesome to have some of more unusual symbols included too as they are really handy if you are into coding but thats my opinion. This is your game though so its really up to you to decide what to use/not to use. I am much more interested in making learning typing more exciting and accessible to everyone. The other goal of this jam of course is to encourage making games because its awesome and fun.


The game was made outside of the challenge's allowed time, so i did not register for it. I just decided close to end of ld to make something (sorry i thought i wrote it in the description mb)

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Wow that's sad that people do that :'( I am kind of burned out after fixing every bug in the universe in this game (it ate all of my power... which was nonexistent to begin with as a power eater 1 was a disaster lol) but hopefully I will get some courage to go and change the game to fit the 64x64 rez requirement (in theory its not that hard but reality is a different dimension). I used pico-8 for this so we will see how it works.

Edit: Reality is indeed very different. It would require a complete rewrite. Given the time I might just go and make another and hopefully more fun game which hopefully will fit the rez requirement!

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Submitted first then saw the requirement. Decided to disclose that this game is indeed not 64x64. Decided to keep it submitted as it was made for this jam as usually jams have not only successful projects (look at ld or 7drl some projects fail but yet they still are submitted as they were made for the jam). Did not expect that it would cause frustration in other people.

Edit even though I did not in the end meet the requirement I did something while often many people dont. So showing not only successes but also failures can encourage more participants to actually finish and share their projects because thats what the jams are all about.

Very creative!

well done!

Good job!

Try to get through first 10 of them and it will get better, but yeah they are very information heavy whats unusual these days.

This guy has good tutorial on music theory:

I think that it would be fine but i am not a jam creator. My rationale: you can do multiple dice with rolling one dice more than once. If having a dice is ok and you do not have a dice you are likely to use dice alternatives ie programs (not everyone has a d20 or d10 dice rolling around)

Hey, good luck with the entry! There a number of cool software made for sound generation: and

bfxr is a glorified sfxr according to description.

if you are more into music then sunvox and lmms might be useful.

I am only starting learning music so I probably can't make anything reasonable yet ;) Good luck

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edit: one of the cooler one resource things!

Why add this after 2 submissions?

I am plannning to make my own game for the jam too but I can try to help out with 2d art. I am pretty bad at it though.

I even used an existing programming language which is used by millions (probably), I am so hipster!

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