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Week 1 Check-in

A topic by Quasifinity Games created Jan 07, 2024 Views: 87 Replies: 5
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I know I've got struggles over here, I'm sure you've got struggles over there.

Feel free to use this space to express your frustrations and sticking points with your project, but also don't be afraid to share your successes and breakthroughs!

So, how's it going?


Well, initially I thought I was going to be utilizing Year Zero... to put it frank, I don't think its working very well. Not for the kind of action needed in games like Horizon Zero Dawn or Monster Hunter. So that's been quite frustrating. So now I'm using a modified version of the dice mechanic seen in The One Ring! For each roll, you roll a d10 + a number of d6s equal to your Skill, comparing to a Target Number associated with a Method - Forceful, Analytical, or Empathy. The d10 is also used to determine criticals and the like! In Combat, you have a pool of Endurance Dice, typically 7, which you spend and roll to perform various actions. They, effectively, replace your Skill Dice during Combat. So, you can perform 7 weaker actions, each rolling one dice each, or one mega-powerful action using all seven dice or, of course, something in-between. These Endurance Dice will also act as your Health - as you take damage, you will have less Endurance Dice. In playtest, this seems to really empower the characters. Since they know their TNs - Forceful, Analytical, and Empathy, they have a basis to guesstimate how many dice they need for an action, so when they fail, they don't feel cheated by the dice. They just remember to put in more dice for next time!


That sounds awesome! I think I've seen some of your posts around, and even responded to one, where you've been exploring these problems (unless there's another designer out there working on a HZD+MH game). I'm glad you found an elegant die system that accommodates your goals!


Fairly happy with my creative work so far, even if I question the usefulness of the project... Unhappy with the presentation. I have 4 more days off of work for the rest of the month, so optimistically 2 days more time dedicated to this project. Going to have to be pretty barebones about presentation. So it will be both ugly and fringe useful...


The 2nd frustrating part of the project is I feel a little out of the spirit of the jam by not doing as much support and sharing to others working on stuff, because I feel like I need to focus as much as possible to get my own stuff done before February. Working 60 hours a week is lame.

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There's only been a little of the support stuff, so don't feel bad.

Honestly, this seems to have primarily become a place where people post the things they made for other jams to just get it more visibility (which I get and is fine) instead of a jam people are trying to make things for. It just makes it a little harder to separate the signal from the noise. 

But there have been actual submissions for this jam and a bit of solid success from new creators, so it's still a win!

Do what you can, set an achievable goal, and if you can say one nice thing to one other jammer it'll be a bonus!