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Start the year off with a great achievement by publishing a new Tabletop Roleplaying Game (ttRPG), adventure, splatbook, resource, mechanic, toolbox, or what-have-you that you started and completed in the month of January.

The Rules of the ttRPG JAMuary are as follows:

1. Create something new for the ttRPG hobby

2. Support and encourage your fellow JAMuary participants (advice and feedback should be constructive and considerate)

3. Consider making your JAMuary creations free to the other participants

Here is a great list of public domain art resources for you to use in your ttRPG project:

Fari's library of Free and Open RPG Resources is a great place to find a base game to hack or create new material for:

And in the spirit of being a good neighbor, here are some other Jams going on at the same time. Maybe one of these is a good Jam for you!
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Thank you for being awesome and good luck in all things!


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A dungeon crawl inspired by The Island of Dr. Moreau. Compatible with Cairn and DURF.
a game for 1+ players about an email community
Play any game solo or expand your journaling games.
8 NPCs to add to your fantasy adventure games
A system-neutral RPG supplement for playing characters with no homeland
A one page, 24-word TTRPG about trying again to save the ones or things that you could not before.
"Sal in vulnere; Sal in diaboli"
A Billionaire's Lair in honour of Jennell Jaquays
Generate a dungeon one word at a time.
A short mystery and murder game on a train 🚂 [EN]
A solo exploration rpg
A Galactic Crash Site Exploration
A 24-Word Journal Prompt RPG Zine
A tarot-driven storytelling guided play. Create a world and a story via cooperative roleplay.
a 24-word Hopepunk TTRPG
A slapstick romp about an unlikely hero!
a one page science fiction system neutral pointcrawl
Standalone negotiation game and system-agnostic bartering module
EVA for Ironsworn: Starforged
You know that spell. Right?
A table for encountering locked doors in any TTRPG
And one day they arrived. An alien invasion setting.
TTRPG Solo Mystery Engine
A solo AI and Hex Crawling supplement for The Mecha Hack
Western RPG where Snake Eyes mean success
Dark Eyed Children Versus Liminal Horrors
Set a timer. Do some work. Roll for prizes.
Drift through the arctic ocean for centuries
A plain text dungeon adventure for the #24WordRPGJam
Who, When & Where are You in Time?
Because you are a fungus. And you are valid.
Turn reading into an RPG adventure.
A game/supplement about cooking monsters
A solo rpg about explorating a mysterious cave
A Badger and Coyote hack inspired by Star Wars spies
A TTRPG adventure about rot, decay, and the life here after. Playable with any system.
A solo waiting RPG about compassion
Psychedelic Roguelite TTRPG
You play as an adventurer and explore a randomly generated dungeon!
A short dungeon generator for any system
Play as a super-hero and use puns to defeat bad guys.
A modular dungeon pamphlet for Old-school Essentials
A Solo-RPG about looking back and saying goodbye.
A Two Player Game About Late Night Conversations
A Hamburger Xianxia game about using weird dice math to slay a tyrrant.
A touhou beat-em-up TTRPG
OSR-style exploration and problem-solving without the violence and horror.
A Game of Samurai Honour, Drama, and Poetry
A Jennell Jaquays memorial dungeon
A one-page solo RPG about finding and retrieving she whom you lost.
One die. One friend. One battle. #24wordrpgjam
a solo RPG with MECH and DRONE placement
This is a hack of Takuma Okada’s ALONE AMONGST THE STARS. YOU are a solitary shopper.
12 Otherworldly beings offering power at a price
A 24XX Hack about urban animal spies running chaos missions.
Volume II of the MOSAIC Strict Spellcasting System
A Narrative Combat and Choreography Toolkit
a stocked dungeon geomorph for Quarrel + Fable
In Heaven When I See You
A tabletop game about Amelia Earhart.
A God Slaying Solo Tabletop Game
A ripe adventure full of cheesy puns and alliteration.
You are a spotted hyena. Where do you stand in the hierarchy of the clan?
He is watching, smiling...
An Introspective Solo Journaling Game
A micro-rpg about stage actors performing their last and being dramatic about it.
A wresling Micro-RPG using rock, paper, scissors.
Corporate Assasination in a Garbage Death-less World
Flatmates go through a lot together. And your differing world views dont make it easy.
A post-apocalyptic setting and adventure based on Caltrop Core
A core mechanic concept for a lightweight tactical combat TTRPG
Six Legendary Magic Items with legend, illustration, description, mechanics and campaign ideas for each!
A tabletop rpg adventure for Be You Bold
A quick-math game in 24 words to beat up your friends.
A one-page micro-ttrpg about gathering ungatherable things to do your bidding.
Are you down to CLOWN?
A zine about cooking and food in TTRPGs
Micro Cosmology/Pantheon
A solo journaling poetry game where you lose yourself in Fairyland
A d20 table for weird object actions
A Procedural Soulslike Role-Playing Game for 1 to 6 Undying.
Forget the promise of progress: in the grim dark future of post-humanity, there is only... THE GAME!
Micro-TTRPG about making a name for yourself - both literally and figuratively
Wanderer against Wanderer, Metal against Metal... Hunter against Hunter. Welcome to the New World.