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Write a Location for Foul Play

Your favorite forged in the dark goose game is having a game jam. Honk!

Every one-shot of Foul Play needs a location for the geese to ruin. The game comes with one classic locale: the Whitechester Community Garden. This jam is all about creating new, surprising locations for waterfowl to mess up.

It's not that hard, really. A location is pretty much just four lists:

  • Areas: the different zones your location is divided up into
  • Victims: the unsuspecting humans that are trying to get through their day
  • Items: the tools and things geese will use to wreak havoc
  • Motives: prizes to pursue and targets to take revenge on

What kinds of places can you write? Any, really. For example: a bookstore, an art gallery—wait! Or a dog show! Maybe even a nuclear power plant, or a wizard's tower!

Join the Foul Play discord and meet other landscapers and talk about your Location ideas. 

To make participating even more easy, I've created a Location template you can use. It's in indd and pdf format, and it explains all you need to know about writing a location.

The template uses the fonts 'Lilita One' and 'Jost', both available on Google Fonts.

Your Location is preferably available in pdf or txt format.

Do you want to be in a supplement?

To take part in the jam, publish your Location on itch as it's own project and submit it to the jam, like always.

But—if you're interested—I would love to bring your Locations together in a single zine, designed by me. It will be available for free, but everyone who contributed will feature with their name, information and a link to their page or website.

If you'd like to participate, please fill in the necessary information when you submit your location.


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Infiltrate a renaissance faire as a group of geese. Steal things, cause chaos, have fun.
A location for Foul Play
Infiltrate an amusement park as a group of geese. Steal things, cause chaos, have fun.
Three Foul Play locations to foul up...
Made for the Foul Play Location Jam
A shuttle launchpad location for Foul Play