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A jam submission

99% of the speed of lightView game page

made with pico-8
Submitted by Nizart — 1 day, 14 hours before the deadline
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99% of the speed of light's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How much do you enjoy the game overall?#13.4443.444
Did you make it in 3 hours (put 5 by default)#73.8893.889
How well does the game fit the themes?#103.0003.000

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How long was your dev time?
not more than 3 hours and 30 minutes, including making art and some playtesting.

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Another great PICO-8 game!

Only suggestion would be to show the score incrementing within the level


Like the interpretation, though I feel like the light speed aspect could have played into things more. Having Y-axis movement too could have been cool


Loved the graphics as always. Also loved how you've balanced the game. It never felt like my deaths were my fault.

Thought for a while that Mercury was a lie so I decided to play for as much time as I assumed it took to reach Mercury from the Sun. Sure enough, I got to Venus at around 495. Good job on that touch! :)

The 99% at light speed is kinda betrayed by how the meteors come in faster implying that you're moving faster with time. I get that there needed to be some progression but it does kinda stand out at this otherwise well developed submission. :)


Thanks for the feedback!

You could argue that the meteors in the later game are faster, and not you. Or, because there are slow in comparison with the speed of light, they move slower in the direction you are flying. I didn't want to stretch the time limit as far as last time, so the meteors were a rushed idea, because initially, it should have been a space invaders-like game


Yeah, I think it was the right decision. :)

A Space Invaders like form would've clashed with the 99% to light years.


Really cool graphics, doesn't fit the theme really well but is still a well put together game for only 3 hours!