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Gotta be cautious. You should have enough time to react :) But thanks for the feedback

Binge watched the devlogs and had to try the game. I suppose I will also try out the Devbuild on the Discord.
I appreciate the translation, that's a good thing to think about early on in game development.

One thing that I've noticed (you might've already fixed it), is that when you pick multiple items up at once (Ingots after smelting), then you only see one text to show what you have picked up. I'd suggest using multiple lines of text like in Terraria.

no situation is impossible :) you just have to jump very low and as late as possible.

I've already made some tweaks to the game that I will be releasing as soon as the jam's over


We had two options:
Let the enemy birds fly as low as the cacti
Limit the player's flight height.

we went for the second one

you mean you couldn't?

the meter on the right has to be full for you to be able to transform

it's a free soundtrack :)

you should consider playing again. 

Just added an online leaderboard ;)

the bird-meter on the right has to be full for you to be able to transform

well, we did have 6 hours, so i could focus on polishing the game

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that is a lot more time than I've spent playing... though my high score is 143.

Some advice for anyone having trouble:

-You can transform back to human using SPACE.

-There is a minimum of three enemy birds between two coins and the more birds went by since the last coin, the more probable it is to get a coin.

-Jump very quick and late, to get over the cacti, even if a bird is directly above it.

-Transform back to human after collecting a coin, to prevent using up too much of your "bird-time"

liked the music + sounds a lot. Highscore 21. I don't think it's possible to score much higher though.

It breaks my heart to give this game such a high rating because I expected mine to be a good winning candidate. Good Job!

click on the checkmark on the chat

The Numbers are the names of the sectors basically. the colors mean wether the number is even.

You win by pressing X at the upper left corner

Drag and drop -> Dragand Drop -> Dragon Drop

it’s a pun

well I just couldn't be bothered coding a drag&drop feature in 3 hours with a game engine i barely knew

o no! ther is no end... just an endless runner

the idea is, that you want to smoke your salmon, not cook it with fire

Easily one of the most challenging pico-8 games

the number is the animation speed. you can make an animation by right-clicking a frame


finally made it... took me quite some time, but I didn't have to look at the hint

30 minutes actually


my pc only allows for 6 keys at a time, so that's kind of a problem

it is

18:00 UTC would have been 42 minutes ago. I think you got your Timezone wrong.


i found out you can go faster with shift

i did not try to reproduce that note, but maybe ur right, ill have to give it a try again!

wait, how do you storage the map? it seems to be randomly generated, but i can fly back up. is it just a growing table? won't you run out of memory?

interesting... you could have made it smaller with the interne print function, no?

also great.... man your games are good

you can cheat by pressing just every button there is

really impressive

hey, i liked this idea so i made a little prototype myself:

my gosh, this is addicting...

oh, sorry about that. Personally, I think, being lazy is one of the core characteristics a programmer should have. So it was in no way meant like an insult. I would have probably done something similar since I hate coding AI's.
Though it resulted in a problem, that the ghosts sometimes teleported inside of Pacman. That's really frustrating.

As I said, it is a very good Pacman game and the changed movement of the ghosts really makes it more interesting, as long as you still can act so that you won't get trapped.

my gosh, how is that score possible??? Luck?

Nope. Pico-8 has a 2d tileset and sprite editor built-in. As well as functions like line(), rect() or circ().

the 3d on the floor are some lines and the car is achieved by layering multiple sprites on top of each other.