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CCG Roguelite with a Halloween twist!
Submitted by Micreps (@MicReps)
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Fun experience. When facing the Werewolf it would howl most of the time and so it died pretty easily.


Thanks for playing! The enemies have random cards selected from a pool. You might have just had the RNG gods smile upon you and it only had defend cards or something. That reminds me to put in a check to make sure all enemies end up with at least one attack, or ultimately I might make each enemy have specific cards in a future update.

Thanks again for playing!


Hello. I love the game, the graphics are really cool and fit to the theme. There is a great diversity of character to play and no one seems overpowered, altough some character have redundant characterisics. The mecanism of fight is pretty simple once we understand how to play card, but the first fight can be pretty hard for a begginer.


Thanks for playing and for the feedback! 

As far as the characters go, the plan was for each character to have special cards. but I didn't get that implemented in time for the jam submission. I think that would diversify some of the characters a bit more. I also need to go back and just redo some of the stats to just have a more well rounded group.

Good feedback about the first fight. The amount of enemies is random from 1-5, maybe it would be good to limit the fist fight to just one or two enemies rather than allowing it to go up to 5. 

Thanks again for playing!


this is a Slay The Spire knock-off but a really fun one at that! haven't played Spire in ages and now I'm kind of itching to get back into it. lovely game! 


Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!


How do I actually use the cards in battle? I can't seem to figure out how and there are no "controls" listed. It's probably obvious but clicking doesn't do it and hitting "enter" doesn't do it.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Sorry, that's good feedback. I'll add some controls to the description now and into the build later.

In order to play the card you first click it to select it, and then if it is a card that effects one ally or enemy, you click on the ally or enemy. If it is a card that effects all enemies or allies, you can just click above the cards around the characters to play it. You can also click a card after it is selected to deselect it. Once you are out of energy you need to click end turn for the enemy turn to start.


thanks, I'm gonna go try that now. I'll be back with a more proper review soon-ish


Great game!