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Competition FAQ Sticky

A topic by Shallan created Sep 21, 2021 Views: 495 Replies: 7
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Going to keep this thread as sticky and update it as necessary, feel free to ask questions in the comments below and I'll do my best to add them to the list.


  • I'm using BASIC65. Which ROM will be used, can I specify a specific ROM for my entry?
    • In order to make life as easy as possible for the judges, and to ensure a fair level playing field for everyone,  we will be using the same ROM for all entries. This ROM will be the 920224.bin dated 7th Sept 2021. You can download this ROM from the filehost here,  follow the instructions on that link to patch the freely available 911001.bin file.
      It's worth noting that some of the memory layouts at $f700+ are different to some of the older ROM versions so even if you are not using BASIC65 you should still use this ROM to ensure there are no issues.
  • Which version of XEMU will be used?
    • As with the ROM version we will be using the same version of XEMU for all entries. However to allow the reporting of any emulator issues or missing features and any subsequent fixes, this will be the MASTER branch as it stands at 23:59 on November 19th. This will allow two weeks for entries to be adjusted should the version at that time cause any issues. Should the version on this date be deemed too unstable an alternative version will be selected and immediately communicated through this FAQ, Discord and Twitter. XEMU can be downloaded here.



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Useful Links:

Mega65 Chipset Reference:



Setting up Xemu:

Asset export plugins/conversion:

Hi Shallan! Thanks for posting this!

I wonder if there is an error in "the freely available 911011.bin file". Should that actually read 911001.bin?


Sorry you are correct, i will make that change. :)

The instructions says that we should use 920224, but the link provided in "Overview" points to 920231 [1].

Which one should we use? Thanks



There's an all versions drop down on that page where you can select that specific version asking others :)

Who won? Is there a list of the submissions somewhere? 

I want to get ready and download some d81s since my mega65 has shipped! :)