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Who won? Is there a list of the submissions somewhere? 

I want to get ready and download some d81s since my mega65 has shipped! :)

If this game were to be played on real hardware, are there any requirements? (e.g. ECS/PAL-only, 1MB Chip, etc.)

Thanks for doing this! Looks really cool.

If you use software like Disk Mimic (or comparable, depending on your machine) you can load the ADF file, stored on your hard drive. Never has to be put on a physical disk unless one prefers that route. Of course some folk use GoTeks to just run ADFs, too, but a software solution like Disk Mimic can get you there. 

Gorgeous work - both with the graphics and the audio. It's simply ... perfect.

The inevitable questions:

1) Am I correct in understanding this is PAL-only? 

2) Any plans for a 2-player mode, or are you done?

Again - bravo! 


Possible I have played legendary shoot-em ups on both platforms. R-Type in particular is a high-watermark that Michael even mentioned was a source of inspiration. No auto-fire. In fact, that game has 2 fire modes. Tap to fire, and press to hold for a big blast (a cool mechanic). Heck even games like Turrican didn't have auto-fire. BUT - if you had a joystick - you could "cheat" and use it no sweat. That's what a lot of kids did back in the day that could afford one. 

This game follows those paths. It's not a problem as I see it. Somehow Tony beat this game countless times.

And a lot of the games you're probably thinking of were cracked to have trainers put in front of them to give you all kinds of weapons upgrades, and even infinite lives, Continues, etc. 

Welp, a Trainer has been released already for this game in both PAL and NTSC mode. So now we can really hone our skills level by level by trying to do a complete run. It's just like the old days. 

I will say this. All the people clamoring for this and that like this is a pub with a full menu... I don't get it. People demanding auto-fire? If they were to go buy a brand new road bike, would they also demand training wheels to go with it? Having to press the fire button requires effort, and it was a design choice I think one learns how to manage with practice. Holy smoke! Never seen so much whining and complaining over what in my mind has the potential to become a legendary game. 

In other words I trust your choices. It's your game, and it's brilliant. 

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My son and I are both loving this game a TON (he's 12). 

We first played on an NTSC A1K, but during scenes with lots of moving elements it would sometimes slow down a little bit. So we moved over to an NTSC 16Mhz A3000 and it plays like perfection. 

Two things we've noticed, that you might want to know about.

At the 2nd boss, there appeared a vertical graphical glitch. See here:

You can see it in action when it reveals itself here:

Also, at the bottom of the screen where the ship counter is located, the entire bottom of the screen is missing a few rows. Thus you only see ½ of the ship down there with the number next to it. 

Oh! I tried to move the MOD files to my machines but Hippo wouldn't play them for some reason. I hope to figure that out later...  

Other than those 2 minor graphical issues we're have a total BLAST! I got both the digital and collector's edition. Thanks for all of your hard work!

2018 is coming down to the wire. Are you still thinking you'll make it before end-of-year?