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Out the HouseView game page

A very simple, short, homely adventure (in Inform 7) inspired by The Borrowers
Submitted by theatrewalker (@theatrewalker) — 21 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Nice start of a story! Got stuck pretty quick though. Picked up foxgloves, candle, rug, key (used on blue door) and cat. I couldn't find anything else to do, so I put everything in my inventory into the oven. Weird that I couldn't light the note or the furniture, or interact with the bed or the window. Also, I couldn't play this until I got the interpreter from Hogtooth Cavern, might want to add the interpreter on your own game page. Was a bit confused about my character's size. I thought I was the size of a squirrel, but then I picked up a candle, a rug, and a cat... So I guess I was much bigger, but not sure how big. Anyway, good start!


Thanks Jorava.
Most definitely need to work on not just the size thing, but that ending. Appreciate the feedback.
And soooo many more interactions are required. Must get onto that!


I think I got stuck in the bedroom. I keep rereading the note, and I picked up the cat just for fun, but I can't seem to figure out how to "escape" from here. The bathroom is still locked. I think I am just missing something, is all. Also, if you enter the lobby before you grab the candle, you can get nearly stuck in the dark. Luckily I typed "walk east" and got out. Also, if I am such a small being, how do I carry a candle/reach door handles? I like the intrigue, though. If you would like to check out my game and provide feedback, I'd appreciate it :)


Ah, thanks for playing. And that is excellent feedback. Yes! I too got stuck in the lounge... am trying to fix that bug.

Similarly, I have yet to figure out changing the size of surroundings based on being small with Inform 7. But I'll keep tackling it. Very good point!

Oh yeah, with the candle in the lounge you should find a key to the matching locked door. Nothing crazy (as I work through learning the program). But I'd love more options for interactions with the world generally.

Would love to try playing your game :)

PS: the imagery of a tiny person picking up a cat is hilarious to me. Bravo!