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Thanks Ruben! Yeah it was a mad dash, and we worked to the wire... cutting it a bit fine.

The music is in fact our 3rd member of the team. Amazing work.
And the animations were our 4th team mate.

So, we are lucky we had enough hands working on it to get it done. Still a fair bit of polish to really complete the idea... but we'll get there.
Hope you had a good time with your game jam too!

oh my gosh. Really?

No ways!

Congrats on the rebuild. I will defs make an effort to check it out again (especially during Corona lockdown).

Wow. Glad I could be helpful.


Gosh, sorry for the delayed reply. Been trying to get another game jam project finished (that one is in RPG Maker).
Mm, yes, yay, I'm glad you liked it.

Gifts in Danger makes me think about gifts that bring (or invite) danger. And my mind goes to considerations of: when does a new gift take you to dangerous places. I remember my first bicycle as a kid, and getting a bit lost in a dodgier part of town, for example.
So,  a magical banjo that takes you to the moon seems to have been an acceptable leap in my brain. Haha.

(maybe because my day-job is currently working for a music college)

Don't know if that helps.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks Jorava.
Most definitely need to work on not just the size thing, but that ending. Appreciate the feedback.
And soooo many more interactions are required. Must get onto that!

Really enjoyed this!
Inputting text with the overall aesthetic does work for me (echoing other comments below)... If it were possible to have some dialogue options to choose what I am saying as the investigator, that would cinch it for me :)
Loved the fantasy element too.

Ah, thanks for playing. And that is excellent feedback. Yes! I too got stuck in the lounge... am trying to fix that bug.

Similarly, I have yet to figure out changing the size of surroundings based on being small with Inform 7. But I'll keep tackling it. Very good point!

Oh yeah, with the candle in the lounge you should find a key to the matching locked door. Nothing crazy (as I work through learning the program). But I'd love more options for interactions with the world generally.

Would love to try playing your game :)

PS: the imagery of a tiny person picking up a cat is hilarious to me. Bravo!